Monday, February 29, 2016

Gira de misión con Elder Ochoa, consejo

Familia y Amigos,

This week was a really good one, we were able to have Elder Ochoa of the Area Presidency come and give us a training and we also had a consejo (leadership training) with him which was super awesome.

On Tuesday it was just a normal day of work, not too much happened. We were just contacting and looking for some new investigators and some people to teach. It went alright, not the best day ever.

Wednesday was awesome.  We had a multizona (multizone conference) with Juigalpa, Sandino, Managua, and Masaya (all of the homies menos Elder Heileson).  Elder Ochoa gave an awesome talk.  He said a couple of things that hit me.  He talked about how we all needed to have more faith, that with more faith we can recieve more revelation.  He said to obtain more faith, we need to study it and then act.  He talked about finding investigators that were "escogidos" (chosen) and how we will baptize more if we focus on teaching just people that the lord has chosen, and not waste time doing lessons just to get a lesson.  He also talked about how we should work to baptize every week and how we need to make better the reason why we need to baptize.  I really enjoyed his words and his wife gave a great message too.  It was awesome and the spirit testified to me of some things I could do.

Thursday was another day in the area, nothing too special.

Friday was also great.  We had a consejo de liderazgo (leadership training) with Elder Ochoa.  That went super well.  President Russell was directing the conference and we were talking about all the things we had learned.  Elder Ochoa shared some cool stories and helped us to understand more his message.  I like what he said at one point, when he said, "I want the Lord to be able to give you more.  For him to be able to bless you more you need to get better.  I am not asking that you get better from today to tomorrow, but that you all try to be better people every day.  Little by Little."  I really enjoyed that and know that I will have success as I get better every day.  

Saturday was the usual running around.  We had the baptism of a daughter of a less active. She was super excited to get baptized and we have been reactivating her family with it.

Sunday was an alright day for me, not the best ever but all of the converts I have had here came.  Along with their families.  We have been able to reactivate like 3 or 4 families with the people we have baptized recently which has been awesome.  The asistencia (attendance) here in San Marcos is also going up, so things are going great!  I hope that all of you have a great week, I am praying for all of you. 

Love you all,

Elder Hanson

There was not much time for fotos this week, here is one of the baptism

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