Monday, February 8, 2016

Consejo, raising the bar

Consejo with Elder Heileson and Elder Merrill
 Familia y Amigos,

Que nota? Not much is new here in good ol san Marcos, this week was pretty chill and things went all right.  We are already on week 4 of this change..... super crazy!!

Anyway on Tuesday we had Consejo. The goal for January was 300 baptisms and we came no where close.... we ended up getting 167 which was pretty bad for a 5 week month but it was an improvement from the last 2 years so the mission is going up still.  We also found out that there are now new normas de excelencia which is going to be a challenge.  We are now expected to have 8 lessons a day, 5 lessons with converts and less actives, 26 contacts a day and 7 or more people in church...  This Sunday didn’t go so hot with that but we are doing our best to be able to find new people to teach and baptize.

On Wednesday it was a normal day in the area.  In the night time I went to Diriamba for a baptismal interview.... he didn’t pass.  People think they can just throw their inviestigators into the interview with a million doubts.  Sometimes it is possible to answer them all, but other times no.  It’s the worst. That day we also had a cool lesson with a testigo, they were really interested in the Book of Mormon and didn’t end up reading it but the lesson was cool.

On Thursday everything was normal too, nothing too cool.

Friday we had zone meeting and it went pretty well.  We were able to see how things are going in the zone and this month shouldn’t be too bad, even though we didn’t baptize this first week.  We had some cool lessons Friday too, we are teaching this lady whose husband is a pastor.  He doesn’t want her to get baptized but their daughter is super cool.  She is like 30 and we put a fecha with her.  She is really interested and has gone to church in the past so we will see how things progress with her. 

Saturday we just tried to get people committed to church and Sunday was the usual running around trying to get everyone we could.  Didn’t have the best turnout ever but we´ll bounce back this week!  I hope that all is well there.  We have interviews as a zone tomorrow with President Russell so we will see how that goes.  Thanks for all you do!!!

Elder Hanson
Zone selfie without San Rafael (there is a special in the grocery store where if you buy 2 deodorants they give you a free selfie stick so some elders bought some haha)

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