Monday, March 7, 2016

Another change done...

Consejo last week
Familia y Amigos,

Time is really flying by because this change of 7 weeks flew. This week we will find out if we have cambios or not, but I’m almost 100 percent positive I will not have them, who knows though!

To start out I want to wish my dad a happy birthday this week!!! Thanks for all you do, love you lots.

This week was a pretty good one.  On Tuesday I went down to San Rafael to work with Elder Petty, him and Elder Passey have had a couple rough weeks at church so we went and found a ton of people.  We found a lot of families and they ended up bringing like 18 people to church so that was awesome to be able to see the fruits of our labor :)

The rest of the week was just contacting in the area, finding new people and all that fun stuff. Thursday I hit 18 months, we didn’t really do anything special.

Friday was zone meeting and we were able to talk with the zone about a couple things that Elder Ochoa had taught.  We mostly focused on baptizing every week.  The zone doesn’t look too bad for this month so we are going to be working with them to get things going.

I was going to have a baptism this week, but they had like a last second multiestaca conference with all of Central America so we couldn’t confirm anyone. He will be getting baptized this week! My turn out was better than usual so I was happy.  This was a really lame email so I’m sorry, I hope you all have a great week, love you all!!!

Elder Hanson

Candle lit dinner because there was no power.

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