Monday, February 22, 2016

Divisions on Divisions

Selfie on Sunday with some members that are dope
Familia y amigos,

How is it going?? I hope everyone had a great week, things are going well here and it was a super crazy week.  I always feel like I am running from place to place and never get to do the things I want!! But here’s what happened this week.

Tuesday me and Elder Lambson worked together, we had a pretty successful day and 3 of the people we found went to church which was awesome.  We just kind of dedicated it to contacting and finding new people. We found an antigua investigator that we are going to be working with.  She knows everything just needs a little more testimony so she can get baptized.

Wednesday I did divisions with Elder Fonseca.  It was a day of divisions that was supposed to be in my area, but I felt really bad because it turned into a day of running around in his area and all over the zone.  He had a possibility that needed to be intervewed. It was a super crazy interview, we showed up and the neighbor told us she had 3 parejas (which is surprising, but a lot of times normal here).  We verified the law of chastity and she was all good.  She was a little shaky but we helped her to realize the blessings she had received from going to church and the ones she would receive from baptism and she committed to do it.  We then had to go and find some elders that didn’t answer their phone (for 6 hours) it was super ridiculous and we ended up working in my area for like 2 hours.  Whoops!

Thursday was a super awesome day because I got to work with Elder Nave in my area.  We had always wanted to be companions since day one in the MTC so it was a blast working with him, we had an alright day, got someone else interviewed in my area who is going to get baptized this week and found some people. It was nice being able to work with someone who has the same time, a lot easier!

Friday was good, went to district meeting in Elder Nave´s district.  That went well.  Saturday we ran around committing everyone.  That actually went well too and we got a lot of people committed and ready to go to church.

Sunday morning the Lord blessed us and we were able to bring 7! I was stoked.  The rest of Sunday was also super crazy and I had an awesome baptismal interview.  Long story short, the lady was preparing to be a nun and hadn’t said anything to the missionaries at all until I got into the interview.  So the head nun lady in Nicaragua had called her, asking if she was going to do it and she told the lady she was going to get baptized in our church.  The catholic lady then told her to remember how she was already baptized, to do what she wanted but that she should be loyal.  So she was kind of scared to tell her no, had doubts about being baptized again, TONs of things. At the end of the interview I helped her to understand with the scriptures how she could be baptized again and pulled out a scripture in Alma, the usual 32:21 about how faith isn’t a perfect knowledge, and how she didn’t need a perfect knowledge to be baptized.  She looked at me and said, "I just felt something inside me that I have never felt before, like a happiness, harmony, peace" I helped her to understand it was the Holy Ghost and she committed to be baptized.  One of the coolest interviews ever, and a testimony builder to how the Spirit really does work. It was awesome. 

This week elder Ochoa is coming so we are getting ready for him! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Hanson
Saturday we made pizza with a member.
 This guy is a member that we found and he had a jazz hat on.

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