Monday, February 1, 2016

Back to 4, Breaking records

Elder Wagstaff, Elder Hanson, baptism this week, Elder Lambson, Elder Hernandez
 Familia y Amigos,

This week was super crazy, I don’t know when the craziness or tiredness is ever going to end. Not a ton of things happened during the week but it was a good one.

Last Monday we had that conference so we just started the week out super tired without p day.  We got back to the area, wrote, and then started working.

Tuesday I went out to Diriamba to do some divisions there.  I wanted to get to know all of the people that were getting ready for baptisms and try to do some jarrones.  It was a super unsuccessful day, nobody was home, all of the jarrones fell through so it wasn’t really what I was hoping. We needed por lo menos 7 baptisms to beat the all time record here in Zona Carazo so we were trying to get all that we could in the water.

Wednesday was a day in the area.  It was all right, we were able to put a lot of fechas but they really weren’t too positive.  I don’t get how someone can commit to be baptized, but then not want to go to church at all, makes no sense.

Thursday we found 2 cool families, one of them chuped (fell through) Saturday night because they said they were Catholic and the suegra(mother in law) told us never to come back, but the other one is still going good, didn’t go to church but we still have faith they are going to end well.  We also got a call on Thursday saying that I was going to be working with the APs on Friday so my whole day there went down the drain.

Friday Elder Hironaka and Elder Alcerro came out to animate some possibilities and work in the zone.  It went pretty well, we were looking at 8 possibilities that could be baptized, everything was going really well.  Our baptism started saying that she didn’t want to do it, that she  "couldn’t andar en dos caballos" (ride two horses) but we got out her doubts and were able to commit her to do it.

Saturday was the baptisms, we had it at 2.  All day long we were verifying with the companionships to make sure that everyone went down in the water so that we would be set up.  Last second a dad showed up for one of the possibilities and said he was catholic and took him off to Managua so that one also chuped (fell through).  It was down to the wire to break the record, nobody could fall Sunday morning which is very rare.  We also ran all over the place because the APs told us we had to find another baptism, we were SO CLOSE, but she wouldn’t commit to live the law of chastity. COME ON!!!!!

Sunday morning it went smooth, all was good and everyone got confirmed.  We were really hoping to do better this month, but there were a lot of baptisms that fell, kind of disappointing.  The zone didn’t do too hot in church either.  This Tuesday is Consejo (leadership training), the mission didn’t start the year too well so we will see what happens.  Thanks for all you do! 
Elder Hanson

Aguacate (avocado) picking with the APs hahaha
Elder Hanson and Elder Kendrick
Beach pictures from the Mission activity in January

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