Monday, January 25, 2016

Cambios, Multimision

Me and Elder Collado at the last zone meeting
Familia y Amigos,

Not much too exciting happened this week. I´ll try to make it as exciting as possible. I have some new comps so anyways on Tuesday we got the call for cambios, Elder Kendrick had changes, Elder Henriquez was dying and so me and Elder Avila were going to stay. They also let me know that I was going to be training. We went and said bye to everyone, Elder Kendrick was a little sad but all turned out well.

We got up super early and did the recorrido, going out to San Rafael, Diriamba, Masatepe, so much fun.  I was super exhausted and the cambios meeting also started early because of a worldwide mission capacitation that there was.  So I got my new companion, he is Elder Wagstaff, he is from Kaysville, Utah and went to Davis, he is the other ZL.  And my son (the 5th one) is Elder Lambson, he is from Cortez, Colorado.  He is good and seems like he will work hard.  We stayed there for that capacitation, and I liked how Elder Bednar talked about how we are the instrument of the Holy Ghost, lots of times we think the Holy Ghost is our instrument.  We need to do everything we can so that we can be worthy to be used.

Thursday was a normal day of working, we got to teach a couple of the people we have, the majority aren’t doing the hottest, but we are working to find more.

Friday I went to Diriamba to the district meeting.  Elder Kendrick got changes right over to Diriamba so it was fun seeing him.  The district is doing alright, this month we could make history here in Zona Carazo so all your prayers would be greatly appreciated.  The APs called and told us that Elder Avila was going to have changes so they came and picked him up.  We are now in a trio which makes things a lot harder.  We have plans for this week to go out and do divisions with the zone, it is going to be easier than when I was in Juigalpa in a trio.

Saturday we just committed people to church.  On Sunday we had an alright turnout, got blessed by the Lord, a couple people just showed up.  

But the most interesting was today.  We once again did not have P day due to a Multi Mission conference (like the 30th one) and Elder Christensen of the Presidency of the 70 came.  He can speak Spanish so that was cool.  He shared a couple of experiences and his main focus was on how we need to baptize people that are actually converted and not try to convince, force, or put pressure on people that aren’t converted just to do it.  The North and South Missons in Nicaragua are the highest baptizing in Central America, so a lot of what I just talked about is happening.  He asked our mission president and he said that like 60-70 percent are actually converts.  He also went over the devotional from Thursday.  It was overall pretty good, trying to keep my eyes open from the tiredness. I’m super tired.  That’s all that is going on, I hope you all have a great week, love you lots!

Elder Hanson

Diriamba is having a big party so the streets were super crowded
I forgot to send this photo last week, we surpassed our 2015 goal

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