Monday, June 6, 2016

Let it rain...

Goodbye correlacion misional
Familia y Amigos,

It was a super awesome week, there were a couple changes here so here they are.

But before I want to tell Eli Happy Birthday!!! Hope it went well!

Tuesday we found out that Elder Martell would be leaving, and obviously that Elder Merrill would be going home.  I found out as well that I would be training.  We went and said goodbye to everyone with Elder Martell, but that night the rain started falling, and it was a super hard rain.  We had a cita (apt) we had to go to, so we were at the despedida of a missionary in the church.  Me and Elder Merrill decided to go to the cita and we ran to the cita in the rain.  We got completely drenched and had a great lesson, it was awesome.  

Wednesday was change meeting, we got there early and got to hang out with everyone.  I got my new companion, and turns out I am training Elder Peterson!  Me and Elder Peterson were together in Juigalpa with Elder Merrill and Elder Smith (I was training Smith, Merrill was training Peterson).  My other companion is Elder Chacon.  I was super stoked for the opportunity that I have to train him and we have already had a ton of fun and found a ton of people to teach!  That night we got wet in the rain again and were able to teach a couple of the investigators that we have progressing.

Thursday it rained all day so we got wet as well, just more teaching.

Friday was district meeting, they changed things up in the zone a little, we only have 22 missionaries now instead of 24. Me and Elder Chacon aren’t DLs anymore, so that is nice, but a lot of the zone is really new in the mission.  In the afternoon I went and did an interview with this girl from the sister’s area.  She was super ready but she was saying she wanted to do it later with her mom.  So the sisters went back to talk with the mom and it didn’t go too well. We just kind of left it for later, hoping that it would turn out well.

Saturday in the morning we celebrated a sister missionary’s birthday in the church with cake.  The girl that I had interviewed showed up with her mom so it was the perfect moment to do it.  We took them in the baptismal room and she committed to do it, we got her in the water right then.  It was awesome!  We didn’t have any baptisms in our area, but we are looking good for later this month.

Sunday is the most wet I have ever gotten on my entire misson.  We woke up early and got out to get our investigators.  I had the feeling on Saturday that it was going to be like that on Sunday morning so we set up plans for all of the investigators in case of rain. Everything went smoothly and me and Elder Peterson were able to bring 8 people even with all of the rain.  The asistencia was super low and people were calling missionaries asking if church was cancelled because of the rain.  We walked in drenched and it was horrible because the ac was on too, we froze haha.  Ex Elder Martinez was still visiting so we had some more good times sharing experiences from when he was here.

Today we have just chilled, it is still raining but we are loving it!  Thanks for all you guys do,

Elder Hanson

Happy birthday!

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