Monday, June 13, 2016

Another wet week...


Familias y Amigos,

This week was pretty chill, it wasn’t as rainy as the last one but we got wet a couple times.

The first one was on Monday night, because it had been raining they shut off the water.  When we got back to get ready to work there was no water, and someone in the house turned it on to check it but then forgot to turn it off, and just to our luck a bottle cap fell right over the drain hole so we got back in the night to a lot of water all over the house.  We swept it all out and nothing really got ruined so that was good.

We have a couple investigators right now that are SO close to being baptized but they are having a couple of problems.  We have a mom and her 3 kids that are progressing well, along with another 17 year old kid who wants to get baptized he just has a couple fears (and maybe some unconfessed sins) that we are trying to work through.  If you could include them in your prayers that would be awesome! We have a couple other people we are teaching, we have this lady that has 2 times in church and then picked up a Monday to Sunday job, she asked us this week when she could get baptized and we explained to her she needed at least 3 times in church to do it.  She says she is quitting her job this week so that would be great, along with the younger brother of a recent convert that we have.  The investigator pool is doing well right now, just a couple desafios (challenges) with the investigators that are keeping them from being baptized.

We also had a couple cool lessons this week with some converts, one of them was kind of thinking about leaving the church, so we were able to help her understand a couple more things and get her animated.

Friday we had a multizona (multi-zone conference), I wasn’t really with any of my close mission friends but it was great.  President and Sister Russell both had great messages and I was able to learn a lot. Sister Russell talked a little bit about enduring to the end, President about working with the members. It is their last multizona and we will be getting a new mission president here soon.

Saturday we were going to have a baptism, he is the older brother of a recent convert we have.  He told us that he wanted to get baptized but that his dad was drunk. His parents supported him getting baptized, but he knew his dad would be angry if he wasn’t there when he got home. The two kids are nephews of the Relief Society President so they had been helping us out with the teaching, bringing them to church and everything.  So any way he told us he would do it Sunday morning. We saw the dad in a fight later that night with the mom, it was really sad and there wasn’t much we could do. it is really sad to see here how alcohol controls a lot of these peoples lives. All went well in the morning on Sunday and the kid was really excited to be able to be baptized.

Sunday went well, it was a little rainy but not like last week, we were able to get a couple people there and it was overall a good day. Did some baptismal interviews and we contacted a couple people.  It was a pretty normal week.  I hope that everyone has a great week!  Love you all.

Elder Hanson

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