Monday, May 30, 2016

We did it!!

Managua: green trees, cauces (canals), and tin roofs
Familia y Amigos,

This week was a pretty long and stressful one, it was a lot of verifying possibilities but it all turned out great!!! We were blessed to have a couple baptisms in our area as well so that was fun too. Here’s how the week went.

Tuesday me and one of the APs, Elder Alcerro, went out to visit the possibilities.  We brought around some animo packages (liahona, a calendar, a picture of the temple, family proclamation to the world) to the people who had been interviewed and were getting ready for their baptisms. That went well and we got a couple more people interviewed as well! We actually got a couple married and baptized that day as well, it was kind of a jarron and it all turned out great.

Wednesday and Thursday we worked in the area a little as well, but we also went and verified some more people at night, lost a little time there in the area doing that.  It was the same story on Thursday. It was super hot though.  There is a thermometer in our area that said it was 46 degrees celcius (105.8 farenheit).  I know it wasn’t that hot, but it was blistering heat for the majority of the week.

Friday morning we were supposed to have a marriage in our area, but it didn’t end up working out so we had to replan it for Saturday. We were able to have a couple of good lessons and get some people committed to church because we knew Saturday was going to be crazy.

On Saturday we spent all day making sure everyone in the zone was good for baptisms and getting our own baptisms in the water.  I’ll attach some pictures of the baptisms we had, but it was a pretty successful weekend.  We had a marriage, and that baptism as we planned and it went pretty smoothly.  The lawyers here aren’t very reliable so last second we had to change lawyers and make sure that it was all going to happen. A couple of baptisms fell in the zone but we still had the hope to get the 40 we wanted.

Sunday morning was even crazier as Satan always makes the confirmations hard. We got the 40th person confirmed at 10:20am right at the end of a sacrament meeting in the zone. We were pretty happy about the result.  The mission ended this month with 306 baptisms, and got the goal of 300 which we had put.  It was a great month, we will see how June turns out but we are happy with our results :) Ex Elder Martinez also came and visited the ward on Sunday and it was great to see him as well!

Not much else happened this week, this week will be changes and Elder Merrill will be going home.  He has been an awesome companion (2 times) and I’m definitely going to miss him!  I hope that all of you have a great week, love you all!

Elder Hanson
In the foto from last week of the baptism,
one of those guys got baptized as well, but we didnt get a pic!
The baptisms

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