Monday, March 28, 2016

People forgot it was Easter...

 Baptism (gotta love the nica smile :))
Familia y Amigos,

Happy Easter!! I hope that everyone had a good weekend remembering the Savior.  Here the people kind of forgot... there were no Easter hymns and the word Easter wasn’t mentioned, but I remembered so that’s all that matters!

This week was a good one, we didn’t have a lot of time to work in the area but we focused on finding people to baptize this week.  It was awesome because we were able to find some cool people and help the investigators that we have progress.

On Tuesday I went to do divisions with the DL in Diriamba. They are still struggling out there so I went to help them out.  We found a cool lady who had been to church before so we were able to get her excited and put a fecha with her. It gets pretty cold there at night (it is the coldest area of the mission) so it was nice to get out of the heat.  Even though I’m in one of the cooler parts of the mission it has still been really hot lately.

On Wednesday we had a multizona in Managua with Zonas Universitaria and Granada so I got to see Elder Merrill, Elder Heileson, and Elder Nave.  That was a good time.  I really enjoyed Sister Russell’s talk about repentance and she talked about the importance of it now in our lives and also in the future.  It was a good day, we got back to the area and went to our possibility for baptism to keep him animated.

On Thursday we worked in the area and I really wanted to find some people, so in the morning I said a specific prayer that we could find 4 positive people that we could help to progress, that we would work hard all day long to find them. I went and visited a reference that a member gave me who I thought wasn’t going to progress but he ended up being really cool.  He went to church this week which was great. We ended up finding some pretty cool people, 4 actually and even though some of them didn’t go to church we will be working with them to help them repent.

Friday was district meeting and I went again to Diriamba.  It went well and we went back to the area to work again.  Focused again on finding people for baptism.

Saturday we woke up and got the pila ready for the baptism, our baptism told us he was going to fast in the morning (this guy is super awesome) and that he was going to come on his own.  He has a bike and rides from super far away to come to church which is a big sacrifice, but he has a big desire to live the gospel.  He was able to give up smoking and has been reading the Book of Mormon every night. He was super ready.  The baptism went smooth, the elders quorum pres baptized him and it all went great! We ran around committing everyone to church and it didn’t look like we were going to have a great turn out.

So Sunday morning I did divisions with a member to get people. We had committed a couple families that ended up going and when I showed up to church, a ton of our investigators that we couldn’t get to on Saturday showed up.  We ended up bringing a really good number of people along with our confirmation which was a huge blessing.  Focusing on repentance and baptism is the way to do it :)  I hope that you all have a good week, we have consejo tomorrow so that’ll be interesting.

Elder Hanson
With Elder Merrill and Elder Heileson
With Elder Nave

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