Monday, March 14, 2016

San Marcos round 3 :)

Familia y Amigos,

Well turns out I was right and I am going to be here in San Marcos another change. I am actually excited because we are going to do well this month in the area, and also semana santa (holy week) is this month and I will be in one of the cooler areas, that is a blessing!  Hahah my companions are Elder Wagstaff and Elder Lambson, we are in a trio which will be good to work a little more with the zone and be able to keep the area running. We should have some success in the area this month so all is well!

This week not too much happened, on Tuesday we got the call that Elder Hernandez would be leaving.  The members didn’t really get to know him at all and he wasn’t their favorite so there were no tears shed there.  We found a couple cool people and got everything ready for changes.

Wednesday we got up early and went to change meeting.  Change meeting is always fun to get to see all of the ZLs and hang out, we got a pretty good zone so I am excited to see what people can do.  Elder Nave left and is now a ZL in Granada, so we have a new DL there in Masatepe.  The other DLs stayed the same, and our zone now has 19 missionaries.  Things are going great.

Thursday we got out possibility interviewed for baptism, I also had to go to Masatepe to look for a house with them. While we were looking we were kind of contacting at the same time.  We got to this guy and I started talking about repentance, and he let us in super quick.  He told us that he was going through some hard times, and he needed help.  We talked about the atonement and stuff like that.  Turns out he went to church on Sunday with the Elders there so that was cool!

Friday was a super crazy day, I had to make like 4 trips to Diriamba, it was a ton of traveling.  Elder Wagstaff went and did divisions there, but they had a couple problems with some people that were going to get baptized.  I went with them to try to save the baptisms but it didn’t happen. The daughter of a less active that we baptized last week (her mom came to church this week for the first time in a couple years too) gave us a reference for a family that lives in front of her. We had a lesson with the family and they were super awesome.  The guy asked us for a Book of Mormon so we are in the process of teaching him.  They came to church on Sunday which was great.

Saturday we were blessed to have a baptism. It was the son of a less active, we were able to reactivate the whole family while teaching him which was awesome.  He also brought his aunt and cousin to the baptism so we have a cita (appointment) with them tonight.  We have been getting a lot of references lately which is the best.

Sunday was a great day, we got everyone we needed to to church, along with 2 families. This week we should have 2 baptisms, and the next week have 2 as well, so if you could keep Maria, Kati, Roger and William in your prayers that would be great.  Another member brought us her neighbor after church and we put a fecha (baptismal date) with her too, she should progress well.  Thanks for all of your prayers, they are all appreciated. 

Love you lots,

Elder Hanson

Me and Elder Medrano eating cacao. It was delicious.

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