Monday, March 21, 2016

Confirmations are always a surprise


Familia y Amigos,

This week was chill, it was a crazy weekend but it all ended well so Im happy :)

On Tuesday I had the news and trainers meeting, that all went well.  Elder Lambson is progressing well in his training so they were happy with that. Elder Heileson is training too, so it was chill to see him. Elder Wagstaff went down to San Rafael to work with them and it all went well.

Wednesday was a normal day, and then Thursday I got to go over to Masatepe to work with Elder Medrano.  We had a really successful day and were able to teach a lot of people.  They have this super awesome family that they found, and it turns out their sister is a member. Supposedly the member had come back trying to find some dates for her family history so they were interested in that.  They have found a ton of cool people there.

Friday I woke up in Masatepe due to the divisions so I went to their district meeting.  We after just worked in the area trying to find some new people.  We had a pretty solid day so all was well.  We got the baptism all set up so that there would be no problems Saturday.

On Saturday we had 2 baptisms at 10:30am. It all went good and they were both really excited to be able to get baptized.  The rest of the day went really well too.  We were able to teach a really awesome family that we have progressing.  We taught them the Book of Mormon and read a little with them. At the end of the lesson, I felt prompted to ask a question, and I asked, "do you have a question that you have never been able to answer in your life?" haha I have asked this question before and the answer is always no, so I was expecting the same.  He then said "where am I going to go when I die?" I just sat there staring at him because it was like the first time I got a legit response - hahaha. We left him a chapter and we have a cita (appointment) with him tomorrow so we will see how it goes.

Sunday morning we got up early to get the confirmations to the church.  We did divisions with a member and I went with the member.  So we got to the house and neither of them were there..... my heart dropped because it is the worst thing ever. So the daughter of one of the converts said that her mom hadn’t come back since the last night, so we thought we knew where she would be, but the other one´s dad had taken her in the morning to her other grandma’s house.  Luckily they told me that she lived in our area, but they didn’t know her dirección (address). They gave me her name and the name of the barrio that she lived and I started out the search.  I was just praying and praying that we could find her. After like 45 minutes looking I felt like I should stop at this corner house and ask if they knew the name they gave us.  He told us that there was only one person named that like 3 blocks away.  We showed up to the house, and asked if the lady lived there and they kid said no.  However, he looked exactly like the confirmation.  I knew he was lying, and next thing you know the confirmation popped her head out the door.  We were able to get her to come.  Elder Wagstaff found the other one and we got them there right on time :)  The spirit definitely guided us hahah.

The rest of Sunday was good, I went down to San Rafael to do some interviews and then headed back.  This morning we went to Managua to get my cedula renewed and then headed back.  All is well.  Thanks for all your prayers, have a great week!

Elder Hanson

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