Monday, June 29, 2015


Saying goodbye in Bluefields
Familia y Amigos,

Like they say here in Managua, que nota?  I hope everyone is doing well and had a good week.  I ended up having changes and I am now here in Trinidad 1, which is in Ciudad Sandino Managua!  The city is northwest of Managua but still part of the city.  My companion is Elder Salmeron, who is my brother because Elder Sacalxot trained him too, and things are going really good.  He is from Honduras.  This is the ex area of Elder Olsen from my group, and he ended up going to Bluefields, so we just made a little switch.  I'm the Distrct Leader here and there are 8 people in my district, including me.  The ward is super cool here and we have a couple of people preparing for baptism so that is good!  I'll let you all know what went down this week.

On Tuesday we got the call for cambios, packed up, said goodbye, and got on the panga.  Elder Soifua and I both had changes so we left together.  We got to Juigalpa at like 10:00 pm and we didn't get to bed until really late because we were helping Elder Roney pack.  I only got like 2 hours of sleep because Juigalpa is super far from Managua so we had to get up early to get on the bus to go to Managua.

On Wednesday we had changes.  They changed up change meeting and it isn't as fun.  The presidencia de area started getting more strict on change meetings, so now when we get there they just tell us what zone we will be going to.  You get on the bus, and they just drop you off at your area and you meet your companion there.  There isn't as much suspense, and it isn't as much time together with all of the other missionaries but there's nothing I can do!  This also means that you will not be seeing any charges at McDonalds for change meetings, they go too fast.  When I got there, we got to work and Elder Salmeron showed me around a little.

Thursday until Saturday I was just getting to know the area and finding new people to teach.  Sunday we had an alright day. All of the people that we had planned on teaching kind of fell through, so we are going to work hard this week to find new people.  We might have a baptism next week!

Today we played some soccer as a zone and just hung out.  It was nice to have a real p-day after 6 months of being isolated.  All is going well for me here, and I'm enjoying everything.  I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Hanson

My new companion

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