Monday, June 8, 2015

Your Average Week In Bluefields...

Familia y Amigos

How is it going?  I hope everyone is doing well. This email probably wont be too long as it was just another normal week here in Bluefields.  Things are going well with everyone and we are just looking for some new people to teach!

This week I did divisions 2 times with Elder Soifua and Elder Hernandez.  They have been struggling a little bit in their area, so I decided to go and help them out a little.  They really don’t have anyone progressing toward baptism for June, but they were blessed and baptized 2 people on Saturday.

Other than that, me and Elder Passey were just contacting in my area.  We had a lot of success and investigators last month, which means we didn’t really put a lot of time into finding new people.  We had a couple of people that we were teaching, but they all kind of dropped off as they started to not keep their commitments and stopped coming to church.  Oh well!  That‘s the cycle of the mission!  We are still working hard and have seen the Lord bless us in our work.

We especially saw blessings yesterday when we were bringing people to church.  On Saturday when we went around to the investigators to remind them about church and pretty much everyone bailed.  We didn’t have a ton of people committed to come to church which was going to make Sunday a rough day.  We woke up early to go out and get everyone up and getting ready for church so we could pass by to bring them.  After we had woken people up and passed by the second time to bring them, everyone was gone, and their houses were all locked up (even though every Nicaraguense uses the excuse that they can’t lock up the house, makes no sense).  Anyway after all that, there were only like 2 people that we were actually able to bring to the church in a taxi, so we just decided to go with them to the church.  When we got there one of the people we had committed to come decided to walk and another one showed up after the sacrament.  I don’t know how it happened but we ended up with 9 people attending church.  It was awesome.  Not all of them were really investigators but whatever!  It was a blessing they were there.

Another cool story…About a month ago, if you all remember, we went back to Juigalpa for zone meeting.  We worked in that area with the zone leaders for 2 days and during those 2 days I pretty much just contacted and put fechas (baptismal dates) with everyone.  We found a couple of cool people, but all I did was put a fecha and then leave.  Turns out that one of the people I put a fecha with ended up getting baptized yesterday!  It was cool hearing that the work I did while I was there actually helped them out. 

That’s about all I got for this week.  The investigator that got baptized but didn’t get confirmed last week ended up getting confirmed this week, so that was good!  I hope all of you have a great week, love you all!

Elder Hanson

Elder Soifua and I taking a quick Coke break...

The rain coming in...

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