Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day, Cambios Week

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Familia y amigos,

What is going on?  I hope everyone had a super good week there at home, and everyone is enjoying the hot weather.  Just imagine that with humidity, and then go for a walk at like 2 o’clock and you will know how I feel! Haha, but I hope everyone is doing well.  Things this week in Bluefields were pretty good!  We are still trying to find some people to teach, but the week wasn’t too bad.

I first want to start out and say Happy Father's Day to my dad and all the other dads out there.  Thanks for being so awesome and I love you lots dad!

Tuesday was probably the worst day of the week.  We had a bunch of people planned which was good, it meant we wouldn’t be contacting as much.   But what ended up happening as we went to each of the houses, they all ended up not being very promising.  They were all investigators that we had been teaching for a little while, but who weren’t progressing very well.  Unfortunately, we ended up dropping 5 people that day because it didn’t seem to us like they were going to progress.

Wednesday we kept working with the other people we had.  We have a couple cool people that we are trying to work with to get them baptized in July, but Satan always likes to get in the way.  We are working hard with them.  One of our converts cooked us lunch and it was super delicious.  They cooked something called “sopa marisco”, it is just a seafood soup.  It was really good, had crab, shrimp, and some other things.  It is kind of a traditional dish here and by far my favorite. It’s really good if it has lobster too, but the lobster season here opens up the 1st of July. We actually showed the Restoration with a family on Wednesday night and the dad of the family started crying.  It was a nice spiritual experience, but he works on Sundays so he probably won’t be able to attend church and progress towards baptism.  They aren’t married, but his wife is cool and has been coming to church with us.

Thursday the zone did an activity, where the whole day you were just supposed to contact.  We decided on an area to contact, and went to work.  But lucky us, the area we decided to contact was just straight testigos (Jehovah Witnesses).  That made it a pretty interesting day.  The testigos have pretty closed minds.  We had a cool lesson with some testigos, and they agreed and understood everything we taught up until Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  They are too hard hearted to ask for themselves.  I think that we can apply this into our lives, by asking ourselves daily, "Am I open to the will of my Heavenly Father?" , or are we closing our hearts to the daily revelation He can give us?  I know that if we open our hearts, and humble ourselves, He will guide us in what we need to do.

This week there are cambios (transfers), and my time here in Bluefields (almost 6 months) could be coming to an end.  If you see the charge at McDonalds, you know I had changes.

I love you all lots!

Elder Hanson

Sopa Marisco

Sopa Marisco with Elder Passey

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