Monday, June 15, 2015

Roney's Back, Part 2 and Contactandooooo!

Elder Roney is back...for exchanges.

Familia y Amigos,

Que tal?  I hope everyone had a good week, we are enjoying ourselves here in Bluefields on this great P Day!  Once again, not really anything happened this week.

Elder Roney came here on Tuesday for his second trip back here.  A zone leader usually comes every month, so it was his turn to come since he is still there in Juigalpa as a zone leader.  We did some divisions, and things went pretty well.  My area is kind of dry right now so we didn’t have a ton of cool investigators to show him.  He was happy with the work we are doing so that’s all that matters. We also got to visit some of the converts we had together so that was really cool!  Sorayda is doing alright (the first one I had with Roney) and Alfredo and Teresa kind of disappeared into the mountains.  Alfredo actually called our phone last night at midnight but I was fast asleep.  We also visited Ayoleth because Roney and I were the ones that taught her everything.  She is doing well too, coming as often as possible.

The rest of the week we were just kind of contacting.  We don’t really have a ton of investigators so we are working to find some new people.  A couple of members have given us some references that we are working with to get progressing, but it is the usual fight to get them to church.  Here in Nicaragua, almost anyone will listen to your message if you tell them it is about Jesus Christ, but the problem is getting them to church, and actually reading.  We are working to find people that will actually complete with commitments, and come to church with us.

That is all that is really going on.  The converts we just barely baptized are doing well, especially Marcos.  He is getting a calling and everything, and I think he is going to be receiving the priesthood this week, which is super awesome.  Everything is going well, and I love you all a lot!  Have a great week!

Elder Hanson

Our house!
Mamones, one of my favorite fruits
I found eggnog here...

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