Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy 4th of July

Familia y Amigos,

I know that the 4th of July already passed, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy 4th of July.  Things are going really well here in Ciudad Sandino, and I am loving it here.

This week was a pretty good week.  On Monday night Elder Kleiner came and did a baptismal interview in my area.  It was cool and kind of weird working with an old companion again, but the investigator passed the interview so all was good!

On Tuesday we just got to work. In the morning we had a meeting with all of the district leaders in the Zone so that we could all get on the same page and get to work in the month.  Our goal is 35 baptisms, so we will be doing all we can to reach the goal.  There are 20 missionaries right now in the zone, so it is a pretty high goal.  Elder Salmeron and I contacted a lot, trying to find some new people to teach.  We found a couple, but not really anyone has turned out to be super cool.  I went and did a baptismal interview in one of the areas in my district.  The guy was doubting the Book of Mormon hardcore, so it was definitely a testimony builder to be able to testify of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  It was hard to resolve his doubts but in the end he ended up getting baptized!

On Wednesday and Thursday it was the same contacting, not really anything too great happened.

On Friday it was my first district meeting here in Trinidad, and of course there was a nice surprise.  The APs ended up showing up to the district meeting, which wasn’t too bad because my district is doing well, so they came and helped us out a little.  Elder Collado wanted to work with me too, and I was doing divisions that day so we went and worked in one of the areas in my district.  All went well and it was a successful day.  He gave us some things to work on, which was definitely helpful!

On Saturday it was the 4th of July.  We didn’t really do anything fun or exciting but we had a baptism which was great!  His name is Jimmy, he is 14 and told us he wants to go on a mission.  Super awesome.  Everything went smooth with the baptism.  But nothing can ever go perfect with a baptism, so Sunday we had some problems.

On Sunday we passed by his house and his family had sent him to the market to buy things.  That pretty much meant he wasn’t going to get confirmed.  We had the faith that we would find him, so we passed by 2 more times.  On the 3rd time, we realized that he had come home, but was hiding from us.  He didn’t have any clean clothes, and his family was being really dumb.  His older sister even dumped her baby on him and left so that he wouldn’t be able to go.  Luckily his mom showed up, he gave her the baby and went in dirty clothes.  It really affected us bringing other people too, so we didn’t do so hot.  We ended up with 6 people, but it was like grabbing people off of the street.

That’s all that really happened this week.  You are all in my prayers and I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Hanson

Pizza on P day!

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