Monday, May 4, 2015

Trip to Juigalpa and Zone Meeting

The ride to Rama on the panga...

Familia y amigos!

What is going down?  I hope all is going well and everyone is enjoying the nice cool weather! Things have been going pretty well here in Bluefields, it is still really hot and we have been sweating a lot.  I don’t think people realize how hot it is here. The investigators are doing great and we have been seeing a little more success here!

This week was a little crazy.  All week we were working to lock down 2 baptisms here.  One of them was an 80 year-old woman, the mom of a member here in Bluefields. He lives and is working in Panama, and he was super excited to hear that his mom was going to get baptized.  The other was the granddaughter of the first lady. The 80 year-old woman was a reference here and when we first went to put a fecha (baptismal date) with her the granddaughter wanted it too, so we prepared them both.  Everything was going really well, they got interviewed on Wednesday, and then we got a call. 

Wednesday night the Zone Leaders called me and told me that me and my district would be having to go to the zone meeting which was on Friday.  That meant we had to drop everything we had planned for Thursday and Friday.

We left Thursday morning on a panga to Rama and then the long bus from Rama to Juigalpa.  It was the usual ride, super long and boring, and of course it was exhausting.  We worked for 2 days there in the area in Juigalpa to help them find some people to teach.  They are lacking some people to teach so it was 2 days of straight contacting, knocking doors, and such.

We had the zone meeting on Friday which wasn’t too exciting. We just talked about our possibilities and then the Zone Leaders gave a lesson.  It was all right.  The APs were also there so I got to talk to Elder Collado.  Overall, the trip was exhausting with 10 missionaries sleeping in a tiny house and then having to wake up at 3:00 am on Saturday to catch the bus back to Rama and then the panga to Bluefields.  The panga on the way back didn’t have a cover and I didn’t have any sunscreen so I got super sunburned and am in pain. It’s mostly my arms that hurt.  Also, we didn’t really get to eat anything on Saturday because the panga came in late and we had to rush to the investigators houses for their baptisms.  All I had to eat was like a half of a loaf of bread on Saturday.  Luckily there weren’t any problems with the baptisms and they both happened.  

On Sunday we were blessed to have 12 investigators in church, hard work really does pay off.  I hope that all of you have a wonderful week, and I love you all a ton!  I can’t wait to talk next Sunday!

Elder Hanson

Me and Elder Collado in the Zone Meeting


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