Monday, May 18, 2015

Bluefields change 4, rainy season is starting

Familia y amigos,

How is everyone doing?  Things are going well here, and as you can see from the title I’m still out here in Bluefields.  It will be my 4th change here, so at the end of this change I’ll have like 6 months in total in the area!  My companion is still Elder Passey, so we will be continuing to work hard and try to get as many people to the waters of baptism here in these next 6 weeks.

First of all I wanted to give another quick B day shoutout to Owen, Riley, and Maddy!  I hope all of you guys had great birthdays, and I especially hope Owen is feeling older like he thought would happen.

Not much really happened this week, it was kind of a slow one.  On Tuesday we luckily got the changes call a little early.  They called us at 10:30am instead of 1 pm.  They told us that just Elder Rodriguez would be having changes so we sent him off in the panga at 3.  We just got to work after that.  On Tuesday one of our investigators with word of wisdom problems relapsed so that was a little hard.  We set a new baptism goal date for the 30th for her.

On Wednesday it was just another day of hard work.  This week was the “week of family” here in Central America, that was put on by the area presidency.  Every night there was an activity in the church.  It was kind of sad because each of the members was supposed to find a family or a friend to bring to the activities.  Nobody really showed up which was sad.

On Thursday the new Elder came, his name is Elder Hernandez from Guatemala.  It isn’t my trainer Elder Herndandez, but he seems like a cool guy.  Him and Elder Soifua started working hard so we will see what ends up happening there.  On Thursday our other investigator with word of wisdom problems relapsed, so he got moved to the 30th too.  We are changing up a couple things to verify better and we are working hard with them, please keep them in your prayers.

Nothing went down on Friday, and on Saturday the other Elders had a baptism.  Bluefields has been really short on water so we couldn’t fill up the pila (font).  It was like 12 inches high, and we had no idea what to do.  So we just decided to baptize the person in what we had.  He had to have him sit down, the person baptizing was on his knees, and then we just laid him flat.  He went completely under so it all worked out.  They also had a cool cultural night here, where people did some acts, danced and stuff.  Nobody showed up which was sad again but we had some investigators come.

On Sunday the rain started (marking the beginning of the wet season in Nicaragua), which is going to make the work here a little harder, but I know the Lord will bless us.

I didn’t have my camera really with me this week, and I was dumb and forgot it for the cultural night.  Another Elder has photos that I’ll send next week.  I love you all, and I hope you all have a great week!  Everyone go and read Mosiah 7:33, its a good one!

Mosiah 7:33 “But if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him with all diligence of mind, if ye do this, he will, according to his own will and pleasure, deliver you out of bondage.”


Elder Hanson

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