Monday, May 25, 2015

Rain Rain Rain

Familia y amigos,

What is going on?  How is everyone?  This week was a pretty good week here in Bluefields.  We had a lot of success and are seeing lots of miracles here, so I’m going to let you guys know what’s happening!

So as you can see in the title of my email it has been raining a ton here.  It just pours.  There are usually like 2 or 3 days of rain in a row and then a day of sun.  It was nice because yesterday we had a day of sun, so there weren’t a ton of excuses for people to not come to church and such.  But when it does rain, it dumps.  Here in Bluefields the average rainfall annually is in between 160 and 180 inches, compared with Utah, which is like 19 inches or so.  So it’s a ton, but we’re surviving.  I have bought an umbrella that I am using but it makes me feel like a testigo, whatever!  The umbrella works great and protects the upper part of my body but I’m not going to be able to avoid getting my pants and shoes all wet. 

One of the Zone leaders, Elder Henriquez, and his companion also came this week here to Bluefields.  We have been working super hard to get our investigators prepared for baptism this Saturday, so he came and did a couple baptismal interviews.  We have 4 possible baptisms for this Saturday and 3 of them were ready for the interview and they all passed.  It was definitely a blessing and the investigators with the Word of Wisdom problems have been doing really well.  Thanks for all of the prayers and everything, keep them coming!

On Saturday Elder Passey woke up kind of sick.  It was his first sickness in the mission because he is kind of new so that was a little hard for him.  We had to get out and work to commit everyone to come to church, so I just kind of had to drag him around all day.  I felt bad but it was something we had to do.  Even though he didn’t feel well, we had a pretty successful day so we were happy.

On Sunday we were even more blessed.  Elder Passey was still just a little sick, but we had a crazy morning of bringing investigators to church.  We ended up getting 13 people to come with us.  And we had 2 complete families there so we were super happy.  Right now June is looking like it is going to be the month of families for us, and we have been seeing a lot of miracles.  We are just working hard to keep finding investigators to replace the 4 that we will be losing this week.

Other than that nothing really has been going on.  I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the school year and everyone has a fun start of the summer.  I love you all and hope you all have a great week!  I have a couple of photos here, so enjoy.


Elder Hanson

Elder Solares and Me
Elder Henriquez, Elder Soifua, Elder Passey, Our
Investigator, Me, Elder Solares and Elder Hernandez

Elder Henriquez, Me, Our Investigator, and Elder Passey

Me by the Bay
Elder Passey and Me

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