Monday, January 11, 2016

Consejo, San Rafael, we´re going to San Juan :)

Consejo with the pals (missing Naisbitt :()
 Familia y Amigos, 

This week was super crazy, not that much happened but it was a pretty fun week. Here’s what went down.

Monday I had an interview with president, that was fun and an after mission story :)

Tuesday I went down to San Rafael del Sur to work with Elder Collado and his district.  I did 3 interviews for him and got to work with Elder Petty.  Haha the interviews were all different and unique, the best part was that one of the guys I interviewed told me that he had 2 wives hahaha.  Silly Nicas. I still haven’t understood them.  Things aren’t going the greatest there, they are struggling to get the church started up so we have been trying to help them out.  I stayed the night there with them and got up in the morning to head back to San Marcos.

Wednesday was a really slow day, my companion had his last interview so just me and Elder Kendrick worked in the area. We got to talk to one of our investigators that is progressing, his mom who is a member doesn’t really want him to get baptized so we are working with that.  We couldn´t really find anyone so we said a specific prayer and asked the Lord that we could find someone.  We found this guy who was super nice, let us in and listened.  We had a couple other citas (appointments) with him throughout the week.  He didn’t end up going to church, but we are going to see what we can do there.

Thursday was consejo de liderazgo (leadership training.  It went well, we didn’t have the best month ever in December, but we have some pretty high goals set for here in January.  It is a month of 5 weeks, so we are trying to get everyone in that we can. I hung out with the usual people, some old companions and all that fun stuff.

Zona Carazo! Puro fuego.
Friday was zone meeting, we did it in Diriamba.  There is a nicer capilla (chapel) there and it went pretty well.  We have a pretty good zone so they are all working hard, and have good visions for right now.  That night we were working, and it was like 8:45, we were about to head back to the house but there was this house that caught my attention.  We went and contacted it and turns out it is a family to complete.  The wife was baptized a while ago and the husband has never listened to the missionaries.  They need to get married so we will be working with them.

Saturday we had a baptism that was a blessing, this kid is the son of a convert who has been going to church for like 8 months but has never wanted to get baptized.  He finally did which was awesome.  He asked for me to baptize him so I did. We had a cool lesson with this family we are teaching.  We talked about the Book of Mormon and they were interested.  The wife in the family (they are married, miracle!) says she was presented in our church as a baby, who knows. That day we also had a cool visit with a less active.  He is super bitter about the church, doesn’t really have plans to go back. They have a rm son who is inactive and the whole family hasn’t been to church in forever.  We got there and I felt like I should share the sacrament prayers with him, it was super random because we weren’t talking about the sacrament or anything.  As he was reading the scripture the tears stared flowing, he couldn’t finish the scripture so his wife did.  He said it brought back a lot of memories but still doesn’t want to go to church. Oh well.

Sunday this old member died, so there was a funeral, we went for a little.  The family is super awesome and the lady had worked as a temple ordinance worker which was cool.  I went and did some interviews for Elder Nave and that was about it.  A couple new investigators came so that was nice.  All is well here and this week we are going to San Juan del Sur because we completed with the goal we had set as a mission for 2015, it was 2060 baptisms and we finished around 2140.  Number one in central America in baptisms/missionary :)  I hope you all have a great week, love you all!!

Elder Hanson

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