Monday, January 18, 2016

I live in microbuses, Semana de Playa

Three Musketeers
Familia y Amigos,

I hope that all went well this week, mine was super crazy and it flew by. I am a little short on time so I am going to write quick.

Monday we didn’t have P day, it was just a normal day to work but we could write home and get the stuff we needed.  We got everything ready because Wednesday was going to be a crazy day going to Playa Gigante and back.  We talked to a couple of our investigators and tried to get them animated, it wasn’t the best day ever but we didn’t end too bad.

Tuesday I had to go to Diriamba to do an interview for the sister training leaders.  The lady tried lying to me hahahah.  She had to get married and was trying to tell me she and her husband had separated.... wasn’t true.  Everyone in the night was super excited for the next day, because the whole mission would be getting together at Playa Gigante.

Wednesday was a fun day, got to see all of the friends from the mission and we had a good time hanging out.  My companion wanted to leave super early, at 5 in the morning when we had to be there at 10.  They said we had to wait in Rivas until 10 if we got there early.  I calculated it out and I knew we were going to get there at 8:30.  I told my companion, he didn’t believe me so it wasn’t a big surprise when we showed up at 8:30 am and had to wait a while.  It was a cool day on the beach and president put the new goal.  It is going to be 2600 baptisms.... I know that we can do it, it is going to require a lot of work, but I know it is achievable.

Thursday I worked with the APs, we went around the whole zone animating people for baptism.  We visited that girl I had interviewed earlier in the week, and we committed her to get married, she said she was willing - we just had to talk to her husband.  It was a good time and some of the people we visited were super happy.  I love seeing the nicas smile and get excited because there is no way it doesn’t make you smile too.  Me and Elder Kleiner had some good laughs with them and it was a great day.

The next morning I had to get up super early to go to Diriamba because we had a cita (appointment) with the husband at 7am.  I showed up and it was like a 5 minute lesson, things went well.  We got that all set up and then I had to go all the way to Masatepe for a district meeting.  So many buses... I live in them.  Things went well the rest of the day.

Saturday was just committing people, and then Sunday was church.  The zone did super awesome and I am really happy how we are progressing.  On Sunday in the morning I also found one of my first converts.  She is active and things are going super well with her!  Every month with 5 weeks the zone that baptizes the most por misionero goes to a BBQ, and we have a legit shot so pray that we can get things going!!!  

Today I had a super fun p day with Elder Collado, his last one so we went big. I hope you all have a great week, love you!!!

Elder Hanson

Me and Merrill
With my convert on Sunday
P Day Fun
Elder Collado, my trainer, goes home this week

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  1. I just stole another picture! So fun to see you on Saturday! Good luck to Brighton at Region and State!!