Monday, December 21, 2015

La Actitud marca la diferencia, Merry Christmas!!!!

The family we baptized this week
Familia y Amigos,

This week has been a really good one, I have seen that as my attitude has changed, I have seen a lot of results.  This week was a week of miracles, I´ll let you know what happened.

On Wednesday we were contacting and I had one of the worst lessons ever. I felt like I explained things so clearly, but the lady just wouldn´t open up her heart.  I said to my companion, lets leave this barrio (neighborhood).  We decided to contact one more house before we left.  So the lady answers and is like, I´m mormona, actually I’m investida (endowed)... I thought "no way, that’s cool!"  Well to make it even cooler, she let us in and we started talking, and turns out she has a son that is 9.  She continued telling us that she and her husband (an ex presidente de rama – former branch president) had just decided that they were going to stay here in San Marcos instead of going back to Granada where they are from.  They had talked to the branch president there on Saturday telling him that they were going to look for the missionaries to get their son baptized.  So he has a fecha (date) for this Saturday, pray for him please!  His name is Ernesto.

Thursday was a little rough, but there was still a miracle.  We had correlacion misional (missionary correlation meeting) which took way longer than it should have and we decided to go to this super far part of the area where there is an investigator that the missionaries have been teaching forever, she knows everything.  So we went over and she let us know that she was going to be breaking up and leaving her husband.  He is a drunk and they are living in fornication so it was the only thing holding her back. She is also for this weekend, keep her in your prayers.

On Friday we got a call from an old investigator asking if he could get baptized on Saturday, too bad he had 0 times in church.  He didn’t end up going on Sunday anyway, we will see what happens with him.

Saturday we baptized a complete family, they were a reference from the first counselor here in the Bishopric, he helped us to teach them and everything, they are pilas (awesome).  I’ll send a pic.

On Sunday I went and did divisions with some sisters to help them out in their area and then did some interviews for Elder Nave.

I hope all of you have a great Christmas, I love you tons.  You are all in my prayers and I hope you all enjoy this great time of the year.  Keep it Real!!

Elder Hanson

Elder Kendrick, Elder Hanson, Elder Avila

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