Monday, December 7, 2015

December winds, back to Managua

Mission Council
Elder Merrill and Elder Hanson twinning again
Familia y Amigos,

I hope all of you had a great week, this one wasn’t too bad here in Juigalpa. The weather is cooling down a little, there is a lot of wind, which makes the heat not so bad, it was even a little cold this last week (80 degrees haha) which was a nice change from the usual 95s.  A lot of stuff went down this week, a lot of things with the zone, so ill let you know what happened.

We thought that consejo was going to be on Tuesday, but they changed it to Wednesday.  Elder Smith and I just worked in the area on Tuesday.  It was a little hard to find the desire as the next day was consejo so we were mostly worrying and thinking about that.  The month we had wasn’t the greatest, it could have been worse so we were counting our blessings it wasn’t a disaster.  On Wednesday we went back to Managua (the worst trip ever) and got to see everyone.  That was a good time because we are all pretty close and have a good laugh.  A couple of my companions from the past are going home this week which is crazy, so it was fun to talk to them too.  Things went well at consejo, we learned about contacting more boldly, and using new ways to contact.  It is something I definitely need to do.  We also talked about #HaNacidoUnSalvador (#ASaviorisBorn) which was good, we watched the video a couple of times and they gave us some pass along cards to use while contacting.

On Thursday Elder Medrano was sick so me and Elder Merrill went and worked the day, we had a zone meeting to plan and had to visit a ton of people so it was a busy day, probably one of the most fun though that I have had in a while.  We had a really good lesson with one of the investigators that we have that is progressing well but probably wont be able to get baptized for a while.  We talked about the plan of salvacion, and he understood well. The spirit was strong.  We planned out the meeting and got everything ready for Friday.

We had Zone meeting on Friday and that went really well.  It turned out how we wanted to, helped the missionaries to realize what they are doing wrong and to help them to change.  We talked about like I said a couple weeks ago changing the things we don’t want to change.  It was great overall.  2 Elders from Bluefields came in for the meeting so they stayed in the area and Elder Merrill and I went to animar (encourage) some possibilities we have for the next couple of weeks.  We ended up going out to Santo Tomas and then visiting people here in Juigalpa.  That turned out well, and we are just trying to get the place moving.  Saturday and Sunday just flew by after.  We had a really bad turn out at church, but then a really good turn out at the devocional, I don’t understand!  But that was good, and I was happy we could watch it. 

We aren’t exactly having the turn out and the success we want, so we are committing ourselves to work harder and more efficiently, even though we feel like we are already working hard and efficient.  That is the main focus for this week and from now on, giving everything we have.  This week is changes, I don’t know what’s going to happen!  I will let you all know.  That’s all I have, here are some pics from the week!  I love you all,

Elder Hanson

It has cooled down and apparently its jacket weather... it's 80 degrees

Elder Naisbitt is going home this week!
Study time selfie

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