Monday, November 2, 2015


Elder Hanson

Familia y Amigos,

What is going on?? I hope that all of you enjoyed Halloween and found something fun to do!  This week was a pretty good one, it was cambios (transfers) so that was always fun.  On Tuesday we got the call, and found out that Elder Naupoto and Elder Vasquez were going to have changes.  Pretty much half of the zone too, as lots of people finished up their missions.  Me and Elder Smith knew that we were going to stay so we helped them get packed up.

After a sleepless night (we have to get up so early there is no point in sleeping) we got on the bus to go to Managua.  We got there early and got to say hi to everyone, that was fun.  I think I told you guys, but the changes meeting kind of changed. They used to announce everyone and their companion of the whole mission.  The thing took like 3 hours, but I guess they decided that we were wasting time so now they just announce the ZL and their companions and then they tell the ZL who is in their zone, you get them on the bus and tell them their areas and comps on the bus.  Anyway Tuesday night we had all been thinking about who was going to be with who.  A couple of the ZLs had changes, so we were trying to guess who was going to be with who.  Turns out that my new companion is.... Elder Merrill!! We thought that we might be companions, but didn’t really think it was going to happen.  We are both stoked!

On Thursday we just got to work and contacted, not much happened there.

On Friday I went to Boaco to work.  They look like they are doing better, really improved this week in church so we are happy about that!  They have some missionaries that are animated to work so that is good. I went with Elder Peterson, Elder Merrill`s son from Morgan, Utah.  He is a cool guy who has a desire to work.  We stayed there all day long, and got back late. I was so exhausted.

On Saturday we went around and committed everyone to church.  It looked like we were going to have a good Sunday, everyone was excited, but of course Satan always takes a hold of the people Snday and they don’t know what to do.

On Sunday it was a rough day.  Nobody wanted to go, or they weren’t home.  Here are some of the fun things I found on Sunday morning.  I went to an investigator’s house and her pastor was there waiting for me, that was fun.  I am so sick of people trying to fight with us, I just listen to them and then say thanks these days.  I went to another house where the guy told me he was confused and wouldn’t go to church because the night before he had seen members from the church at a disco... which means he was there hahaha.  I thought that was funny.  It started raining and then he said he can’t go out in the rain.  It was just straight excuses from him.  We got a couple of "ahi llego, no se preocupe" (I’ll be there, don’t worry) which always means they aren’t going to go, not much we could do there.  And of course a lot of them just weren’t home.  It was a fun Sunday, a nice welcome for Elder Merrill.  We are working hard to find new people.

This week we are going to have consejo (leadership council) on Tuesday, and then I am going to have to go to Managua again on Thursday for a training meeting for Elder Smith.  That should be great.  I am excited for early mornings and long bus rides! ;)  I hope that all of you have a wonderful week, I love you all!

Elder Hanson

I sent Elder Hanson ingredients to make his favorite...
Pumpkin Bread!

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