Monday, October 26, 2015

Conferencia Multimisional (again), HAPPY HALLOWEEN

The Juigalpa Zone
Familia y Amigos,

What’s going on?? This week was actually a pretty good one here, we had some fun, more General Authorities came, so that was all good!  I will let you know about it.

On Monday nothing else really went down, we just finished doing some things we needed to do and got back to work.

On Tuesday I had to go to Boaco to do a last second interview. The guy was super awesome, and super prepared, but he lied to me in the interview!  When I left, he told the Hermanas that he wouldn’t live the law of chastity, that he couldn’t do it.  The guy was so pilas (awesome), but his baptism ended up falling through because he wouldn’t commit to live the commandment.  Boaco had some really nice weather, it was really cool, and raining, but it was a cold rain so that was nice.  We got back to the area, while I was gone we had gotten one of our possibilities for baptism interviewed.  He passed and was a little sketchy for his baptism, but we decided we were just going to pass by every day to visit him.

On Wednesday it was just a day in the area. We contacted, tried to find some new people.  We actually had a really good day.  Everyone let us in, they listened, we put a good number of fechas (baptismal dates) and the people all seemed like they were going to progress, haha. We tried to pass by for our possibility but he wasn’t there.

On Thursday it was a day in the area too.  I had to go look at a house for the District Leader so I lost a little bit of time there, the house ended up not passing the inspection so we are still looking.  We found the possibility on the street, he told us he didn’t really feel ready for his baptism, we couldn’t like sit down and talk to him, we tried to set up a cita (appointment), but he was going out of town to work until Friday night.  Things were not looking good at all.

On Friday we had zone meeting to see how things were looking for November, not looking good at all haha.  We have been encouraging, but there are 3 missionaries dying (ending their missions) here this change so their areas are not looking good at all.  To have success in the zone, we have to have every area baptizing.  It was nice to be together as a zone though, and we had a good class about commitments.  We found a couple of new investigators, but still things were looking bad for the baptism.  He wasn’t there on Friday night when we passed by, and we weren’t going to be able to talk to him on Saturday because we had a conference.

On Saturday we got up bright and early (didn’t sleep at all) to go to Managua for a conference that we had.  It was with Elder Snow, and Brother Turley.  I think that Elder Snow is the church historian.  Anyway Elder Alonso from the Area Presidency was here too.  He or Elder Ochoa almost always come.  I really enjoyed Elder Snow`s message, even though I was exhausted and a little dozing in and out.  He talked about here in Nicaragua, right now they don’t need just baptisms, they need us to establish the church.  They seem like they really want a temple here in Nicaragua, but they are seeing that the church isn’t super established yet.  Brother Turley also talked about planting seeds, how things aren’t always going to work out the way we want.  Then Elder Alonso got up and told us that we can double the number of baptisms that we are having if we use the things that we were taught.  Lots more responsibility haha.  The conference ended at 12, we took a mission photo and left at like 1. Then we headed back to Juigalpa.  We got back here at 5, changed out of our suits and got to work.  We went straight to the possibilities house, and he wasn’t there.  We called him and he said that he was going to be at his house in an hour, so we just sat and waited.  That ended up being 2 hours, he came to his house, he had to go run another mandado (errand) so we said we would go with him.  As we were walking, I asked him, "you know what today is right?" and he said "Saturday, and yeah, my girlfriend says she can’t come to my baptism (she gave us the reference and we taught him) but its ok"  So after the mandado we went to the church and baptized him. 

On Sunday, he studies in the morning, but we have to confirm him in the morning since its our branch.  So he said he was going to be home and we could come and get him at 8, but at 7:45 he called and said that he wasn’t home.  Great.  He told us that he was going to come to the church for his confirmation, but it is so hard to trust people, there wasn’t anything we could do.  He ended up coming!  The other elders baptized one of their investigators in the morning on Sunday also so it made for not having a ton of investigators in church.  It was good to have the baptisms though.

This week is changes, but I am almost positive that I will be staying.  Plan on another 2 changes here in Juigalpa :)  I hope that everyone has a fun Halloween, I can’t decide if I’m going to carve a pineapple or a watermelon, we will see!  

Love you all,
Elder Hanson
Having some fun at Zone meeting
One of our baptisms
The other baptism this week

Elder Vasquez and Elder Hanson

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