Monday, November 23, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, entrevistas, lets get this place rolling already

Elder Medrano, Elder Hanson, Elder Merrill and Elder Smith with new members
Familia y amigos,

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope that you guys all enjoy Thanksgiving this week and enjoy something that isn’t rice and beans!  I’m thankful for all of you guys, and all you do.  Thanks for your prayers and everything.

Anyway this week not much really happened.  Elder Merrill and I are just trying to lift this zone up, and we are not having too much help.  We have some good district leaders.  Elder Miculax, the Elder I was with in my training is the District leader here in Juigalpa and he is doing a great job.  He is definitely getting people up and moving, even if they don’t like and or want to do it.  I don’t understand why people don’t want to work here, they are just wasting their time if they aren’t.  We worked a couple of days in our area, on Tuesday and Wednesday we worked hard to contact and try to find some people.  Before I was just kind of going to whatever house in between citas (appointments), but Elder Smith and I this week started just contacting every single house on streets, even if they were closed.  We found a couple of people, but not too many.

This week we also had interviews with president Russell.  They went well. As a zone leader, you have like 3 interviews, one before the whole zone goes in with the other ZL, then the personal, and then the interview with the other ZL at the end.  So interviews went pretty well, there were a couple of issues in the zone and we ended up being there until like 7pm.  I don’t know how, even though you just sit around all day, it is so exhausting.  I went around and checked all of the houses with Elder Kleiner and Hna Russell which went well, the whole zone passed.  My interview also went well.  We mostly talked about contacting people because that has been the main desafio (challenge) here in the area.  He gave me a couple of ideas that I can use to find new people.  He said he was proud of my progress and that I was doing a good job.  My 2 interviews with Elder Merrill also went well.  He wants the zone to get moving, and was asking us what we needed.  We are working hard to do it, we are just finding a little opposition and having to push the missionaries.

On Friday I went to Elder Miculax´s district meeting, he did a good job.  I stayed in the area with Elder Medrano and we got to working, found a couple of families that were cool at first and kind of ended up being duds on Sunday, but it was nice to have a couple of positive people for 24 hours!!

Saturday we had the baptisms, it actually ended up being only one on Saturday. Elder Merrill and Elder Medrano went and passed by at like 1, and he was leaving to go do a "mandado" (an errand).  That is always bad news. He said he would be back at 4 right on time for his baptism.  We got there at 4, he wasn’t there and we called him.  He answered and said he was busy until later so we went and baptized our other investigator, a little kid.  He ended up having some job he had to do all night long, and didn’t get home until like 4 am (that’s what he told us).  

So what we did is on Sunday morning we got up super early, like 4:30am, got dressed and then just posted up outside his house to make sure he didn’t leave, woke him up at like 6am, and got him baptized.  He was telling us that he needed to go home to sleep and that he was going to get confirmed in the afternoon but we just did what we have learned best from the nicarageunses, and we “bailared el mambo” (danced the mambo) with him until like 9am so he could get confirmed.  It was a huge blessing that the guy got baptized, really a miracle so even though we haven’t found too many people, the people that we are teaching have been baptized which is nice.  We had not too many people at church but we are working to find new people. We had a couple problems with the sisters in our zone at night, which was fun to deal with, but we are back into the routine for this week.  If we don’t have consejo (leadership training) I will be going to Bluefields! :) That will be a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!!

I hope you all have a great week! Your prayers would be appreciated so that we can get this place going.

Elder Hanson

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