Monday, November 16, 2015

Bus hopping and no more trio

Familia y Amigos,

This week was an all right one, not really anything big happened, but I had a fun experience on Friday that I’ll let you know about.

On Monday we got a new companion here, it is Elder Medrano from Corpus Christi Texas,  He has about a year in the mission so it is nice that we aren’t in a trio anymore.  He is willing to work hard, and is a funny kid so he should make things a good time.

The APs came down on Tuesday to pick a sister up that had a personal problem, Elder Martinez wanted a quesillo (a tortilla with cheese, cabbage, onions and cream) of course and it was his birthday, so we celebrated it a little with him.  That was kind of fun. Nothing else really happened until Friday, which was a crazy day haha.

On Friday I made the weekly trip up to Boaco to do the District meeting and then work with the sisters.  It was the typical day of following the sisters around, went and animated the possibility for baptism that they had, and then just kept following them.  It was kind of a routine day, right until the end.  So we can’t stay too long in Boaco because we always have to take the bus home, and we usually end up getting home a little late.  I left Boaco at like 7:30 because I thought that it would give me enough time to get home right on time.  You have to take a 20 minute bus ride to the empalme (fork) of the road to boaco and the road to juigalpa, and then switch buses to go to Juigalpa.  So by the time we waited for the bus down to the empalme, and got to the bus stop it was like 8:30.  There was a bus there waiting but it was super full, and we knew (or at least thought) that another bus would be coming so we decided to wait.  We waited for like another hour, and finally a bus came, so we just got on it, because they all go to Juigalpa (really bad thinking).  Elder Medrano was with me and he claims to have said something, I didnt hear him.  But next thing we know the bus is turning up to Boaco!  We realized and got the driver to stop, hopped off and started sprinting because we knew another bus was coming, the last one.  Luckily we got there right as it was passing by, flagged it down and got back way too late.  Once again there weren’t any seats so it was a fun ride :)

We didn’t end up having that baptism this week, we have 2 possibilities for this week so we are working hard with them.  The work is still going all right, we haven’t found too many people yet so we are just looking for some positive people! President Russell came to our branch on Sunday and we didn’t really have anyone so it was kind of embarrassing but we are working so there’s nothing much else we can do.  Our best investigators have some major problems, like super big so we`re helping them to repent and change.  Other than that nothing much is new.  This change is flying by, don’t know where it has gone.  I hope you all enjoy this week, love you all!

Elder Hanson

no pics this week.... sorry!!!

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