Monday, October 12, 2015


Our baptism!
Familia y Amigos,

How is it going?? Things are going pretty well here, I had a good week, a nice trip to Managua and everything.

On Tuesday I had a Multizona (multizone conference).  Elder Naupoto and I were in charge of a class, and it went well.  We played a game that the people seemed to like and things went good.  President said we did a good job, so that was awesome.  We also played a minute to win it game that the APs did, so it was fun playing against the other zones.  President’s main message was about being misioneros consagrados (consecrated missionaries), and what we can do to be better.  He gave out a copy of the 4th missionary by Lawrence E. Corbridge, which is super good and I would encourage every missionary or future missionary to read it.  I have been studying that this past week seeing how I can be a better missionary.

On Wednesday we just worked normal, and tried to find people.  We are having a hard time finding people that are willing to go to church right now, so we are just doing our best and hoping the Lord will do the rest.

On Thursday it was the same.  Elder Naupoto and Elder Vasquez went to Santo Tomas to work with the Elders there, so the area was mine.  One of our now recent converts has a little sister with a birthday so we went and ate cake with them. That was fun.  

On Friday I went to Boaco and worked with the sisters there.  They are struggling but it’s hard to do divisions, because we have to leave halfway through the day to make it to our area on time.  It rained super hard so that felt good!

On Saturday we had a baptism!! Por fin!! (finally)  The girl that we baptized was super scared of the water.  She didn’t really want to do it, but her inactive mom showed up (we didn’t think she was going to come) and she got right in.  When she came up out of the water she was shaking hahaha.  It was nice to finally get her baptized.  I’ll send a pic.

On Sunday nothing really went down, just a lot of lying people that didn’t want to go to church. This fast Sunday was a lot less apostasy and things went good.   The goal this week is to find some cool people that will actually progress and want to go to church!  I know that we can do it, but some prayers would be appreciated!  Thank you for all you do, love you guys lots!

Elder Hanson

Cake with our convert's sister
A cathedral in Boaco

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