Monday, October 19, 2015

Your average Nicaragua week

At the house

Familia y Amigos,

How’s it going? It’s probably real surprising to hear, but this week was pretty routine, filled with contacting, finding people that are "positive" and working in the zone.  It was a rough week zonewise, all of the zones are having a really hard time right now completing with the goals that we put, so we are just trying, praying for miracles and doing all that we can.

Last Monday was good, just got back to working and tried to find a couple of people, not much happened.  Elder Naupoto and Elder Vasquez got ready to go to Bluefields, so the rest of the week the area was mine.

Tuesday we went out to Santo Tomas to do some interviews.  They were 2 chavalos (young boys), sons of a Member, who did not want anything. I wasted 6 hours in total just to go and have them sit there and not answer anything I asked them about their baptism.  It was fun :)

On Wednesday we just worked in the area and tried to find some people.  We contacted an area that Elder Salazar and I had contacted when he first came, and we had a little success, but not much because on Sunday the people didn’t want to come at all.

Thursday Elder Naupoto and Elder Vasquez got back, and went to Santo Tomas to try to recover the baptism, but it didn’t work, the little kids weren’t that great.  We didn’t have a ton of people interviewed for baptism and things were coming down to the wire. Just kept contacting and trying to find people.

On Friday it was a crazy day.  The Hermanas had some people that could be baptized so they went and found them and called me over for the interview.  They were all good, just the grandma didn’t want to let them do it.  She was saying "mejor en otra epoca" (it would be better another time)..... puuuuuu! No thanks! The baptism was scheduled for Saturday, but all of a sudden they decided to do it in the moment.  So we had to rush to the church, fill up the pila (font) and get someone to baptize.  It all turned out well, definitely a miracle they got baptized though!

Saturday was nice to have the other Elders back working in the area too.  We just committed people to church.  In the morning we had this meeting about a retention program the mission is doing, so we met as a zone.  It was Elder Vasquez`s bday so the whole zone threw eggs, he wasn’t expecting it at all!! 

Sunday was a little rough, but we have the faith we`ll find people this week!  That’s about all that went down, I don’t have a ton of photos but here’s an old one of me and Elder Hartley, and me at the house!  Have a great week, love you all!!  I thought consejo (Leader’s Conference) was going to be this week, but we have a multimision, AGAIN.  I’m so sick of bus rides hahahah.  Have a great week, love you all!

Elder Hanson :)

Me and Elder Hartley

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