Monday, September 7, 2015


The shirt we burned to celebrate my 1 year mark.
Familia y Amigos,

What’s going on??  This week was a pretty good one, I hit my one year mark in the mission, and we spent the week trying to strengthen the zone up.  Working as a trio has been dragging us down, but we have been super blessed in our work, things are just kind of working out right now.  Just trying to do our best and hoping that the Lord will do the rest.

The area was pretty much mine this week as Elder Hartley did divisions with some of the companionships.  I worked with his hijo (trainee) and things went well.  On Tuesday Elder Hartley went with our District leader who is struggling a little.  He worked with him for 2 days, trying to get things rolling.  We just contacted, put a lot of fechas (baptismal dates)and tried to find some people that would progress.  Looking back on it, not any of the people we put fechas with went to church, oh well.

Wednesday was the same, just contacted some more.  We are just preparing one of our investigators for baptism this week, so we focused on him a little, pulling out doubts and making sure everything will be smooth this Saturday.  We also have an investigator who is the husband of a member.  The wife really wants to go to the temple and get sealed but he is duro (hard), let me tell you.  He supposedly studied with the testigos (jehovas witnesses) for a while, but he doesn’t believe in anything.  He doesn’t even really believe in the atonement.  We explain it so clearly, but he is so closed up.  Think we will be leaving Alma 30.  He came to church so that was cool.

Thursday I hit the one year mark in the mission.  We didn’t really do anything.  Me and Elder Nave talked for a good rato (while) in the morning, it was cool to talk to him.  We didn’t do anything too special, but I burned a shirt.  Time is flying by, and this cambio (transfer) is almost over too.  

Friday I went to Boaco, the hermanas (sisters) egged me for my 1 year, that stunk.  I smelled all day long and had to do interviews.

Saturday not much went down, lost a ton of time with a baptism that fell in the Hermanas area, but in the end she got baptized so that was good.

Sunday we had an apostasy testimony meeting, and the kids were all going wild so that was really hard.  One of our investigators walked out early, we think it was because of all the junk.  We haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet.  Other than that things are going well.  We should have a baptism this week so I am excited for that!  I hope all is well, and everyone is enjoying the weather.  I love fall.  Have a great week!

Elder Hanson

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