Monday, September 21, 2015

Training, New Companion, Mondays I Live in Managua

Elder Smith and Me

Familia y Amigos,

How’s everything going?? I don’t have a ton of time this week, I’m doing a presentation for Consejo de Lideres (Leaders Conference) in Managua tomorrow.  It always takes forever and I got off to a late start because of today so things aren’t going so hot.

This week was awesome, Monday was normal and on Tuesday we found out cambios (changes).  Elder Hartley ended up having changes, so that meant that Elder Vasquez would be staying.  They told me I would be training also.

Wednesday we got up bright and early so that we would make it to cambios on time (last change meeting the Juigalpa bus showed up late... not good) and we were able to make it.  I found out that my new comp would be Elder Smith, who is from Riverton, UT.  He just barely finished up in the MTC and has a great desire to work.  I am now ZL1 here, and Elder Naupoto from Hawaii is the other ZL.  He dies (finishes his mission) in 2 changes, so I will probably be killing him here, which means that I'll be here until like January.  Whoooo!  We got back from changes after a little training meeting, and then got to work.

On Thursday we just visited some of our investigators and we contacted.  I was showing my comp around the area, letting him get a little comfortable, and putting him to contact.  Asi esssss.  He has a desire to work, his Spanish is pretty good, so we just have to get the nerves out and he has some great potential.

On Friday we did the routine cada otra semana (every other week) in Boaco.  I’m still the DL there too, so we went and worked with the hermanas.  That was an interesting experience.  I pulled out a baptism in their area for Saturday so they were happy, they’re not doing so hot.  We got back late so we planned and then went to bed.

On Saturday we just went and committed people to come to church.  Like nobody was home, nobody really let us in or anything, so it was kind of a rough day, but we just pushed through.  It was my comp's first taste of real rejection so he got a little discouraged but all is well.  We didn’t really commit a ton of people to church, so that stunk also.

On Sunday we were blessed as a zone and got everyone confirmed.  We have 16 baps right now as a zone, trying to get above the norm of 20.  Pray that we can do it!!  We didn’t have a ton of people in church, but our bap for this week passed her interview so that was cool.  We should have a baptism this week.  Other than that we just got back to work again.

And then today, we had to go to Managua.  I feel like I make the commute every Monday, but whatever.  My comp had to get some papers done for his cedula (visa).  It took forever but we got to eat Pizza Hut again and I got to take a little nap.  Now I’m just rushing to finish this presentation.  I hope all of you have a great week, love you all!!!

Elder Hanson 

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