Monday, September 14, 2015

Entrevistas, #WhiteOut


Familia y Amigos,

This week went super well, we got back to baptizing and had interviews, which went super well.  I’m super happy because this week I should be getting a new companion here because it is changes.  I do not plan on leaving here but who knows what will happen because the last time I guaranteed I wasn’t going to have changes I ended up having them. I’m going to let you all know what went down.

On Monday we just finished up p-day, didn’t really do anything else.  Bluefields showed up in the night so we all got ready, cleaned the house up and made sure everything was ready for entrevistas (interviews).

On Tuesday we had entrevistas (interviews) with president.  They were supposed to be 10 minutes each and be over at like 1:30, but we ended up finishing around 8 pm.  We were exhausted.  Overall things went really well.  We started out the whole zone with just me and Elder Hartley going in and talking to President, then everyone in the zone, and then at the end we had our personal interviews and then again Elder Hartley and me went in.  President is really happy with us and he told me that I am doing a good job.  That was good.  We are just trying to get things rolling here but it has been really hard with just 3 people.  After the interviews not much went down, just visited a couple of people and went home.

On Wednesday we had plans to work with a member but when we showed up to his house he flaked, wasn’t there and wouldn’t answer his phone.  Story of my life the last couple weeks here.  Nobody wants to work and then when we go to ward council they just all tell us how willing they are and how they always work with us. Frustrating but whatever!

On Thursday we worked with our ward mission leader who is a super awesome, but he is a little old so gets tired.  He has a big desire to help us, but we had a ton of mandados (errands) to run, setting up our investigator’s marriage that we were going to have and everything.

On Friday the member worked with us for half the day while Elder Hartley and Elder Vasquez were in Boaco.  We got everything set up for the marriage, but of course the investigator started to have doubts.  He works in a barberia (barber shop) so everyone just feeds him stuff, saying bad stuff about the church.  We got his doubts out and resolved, and he was excited to get baptized again.

On Saturday we had the baptism. We got everything ready, our investigator and his wife showed up early for the English class and then we got them married and baptized.  The wife is preparing for baptism later this month.  Not only did we pull through on Saturday, but BYU did too, so that’s why this email has the title of “whiteout.”  We had a white happy night and so did BYU.  But anyway the baptism went good, he asked me to baptize him so I couldn’t say no, and they were happy.

On Sunday he was confirmed and we had a good day in church so things went well.  Looking forward this week to get a new companion and everything.

I hope you all have a great week, want to give a shout out to my little sister Lily.  Happy Birthday!! Love you lots!!

Elder Hanson

The marriage before the baptism.

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