Monday, August 31, 2015

Consejo, Multimission Conference with President Russell M. Nelson

Elder Naisbitt, me, and Elder Merrill

Familia y Amigos,

Que nota?  I hope all has been going well.  This week has been super wild and I only got to work in my area 1 full day, so that was great.  The lord blessed us a lot and we were super blessed on Sunday.  I’ll let you know what happened.

On Monday Elder Hartley and I went to our district leaders area, and I did an interview for him.  I did the interview of the wife the night before but he wasn’t home so we had to go back out super far to find him.  He passed which was cool, so we were excited for the District Leader because he is having a hard time right now.  We got the text during the day that we would be having consejo de lideres (zone leader conference) the next day in Managua so we got ready for that.

On Tuesday it was consejo.  We got up nice and early to catch a bus to go to Managua, to be there at 8 in the morning.  It was fun to see some of my old companions there like Elder Kleiner, Elder Roney, and Elder Naisbitt, along with Elder Collado and a couple other friends like Elder Merrill and old zone leaders that I have had.  During the conference we talked about the mission and mostly got ready for the mission conference we were going to be having with the North Mission on Saturday, so that went well.

Wednesday we had a little problem, my companion went home.  That was sad so we wasted a lot of time getting him ready to leave and everything.  We are a trio right now, so our area is really going to suffer here.  We have to go to Boaco every week, so that leaves our area empty every Friday, and also means that one companionship can’t go and do divisions.  We are trying to find members to work with but it’s not working out so hot.

Thursday was the day that we had to work in the area.  We tried to find people to teach but it was a very unsuccessful day.  Frustrating.  We are just trying to get the area rolling but we have had setback after setback.  Trying to find new people.

On Friday I spent my whole day trying to get that family that we had interviewed earlier in the week baptized.  His mom from Spain called, a lot of resolving doubts and stuff went down, but por fin (in the end) they got married and baptized.  Our DL hadn’t even arranged an abogado (lawyer) so I had to go through all of that to get them legally married before the baptism.  Count them as my converts ;).  The elders from Bluefields came on Friday too so it was cool chillin’ with Elder Olsen from my group por un ratito (for a little while). 

On Saturday we got up at 2:30am (I got an hour of sleep) and we headed out to go to the conference.  They asked us to be there early so our mission could get up front, but we were super far away so our seats weren’t the best.  President Russell M. Nelson gave a great talk, about how we as members can master the doctrine, and what topics we can master.  He went through the Guide to the Study of the Scriptures (GEE en español) and went through the topics.  I don’t think it exists so I am going to tell you the topics in Spanish, sorry!  They were, abraham, convenio de (Abrahamic Covenant); caida de adan y eva (the Fall of Adam and Eve); convenio (Covenants); expiacion (Atonement); familia (Family); investidura (Endowment); jesucristo (Jesus Christ); (pretty sure I’m missing some here); templo (Temple); vida eternal (Eternal Life). I will let you know what the rest are next week.  I would encourage you all to study them and master them, just like I will be doing.  That’s all that went down!  On Sunday we only had 6 people committed to church and we brought 7, don’t know how that happened but it was awesome. 

Things are going great, can’t believe I hit 1 year this week, but I am loving the mission.  I hope you all have a great week, love you all!

Elder Hanson

Our investigator who cuts our hair.

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