Monday, August 24, 2015

Boaco, la ciudad de dos pisos

Familia y Amigos,

I hope all is going well, this week went pretty well here in Juigalpa.  I was in the area most of the week, just holding down the fort while Elder Hartley was in Bluefields helping out there.  We had some good time to contact and find a couple of new people to teach, and helped out a couple people that we already had.

On Monday we finished up the night working in the area, my companion’s knee has been hurting him and some other things so President on Sunday told us to take it a little slower in the street.  It held us back a little, but we tried to do all we could.

On Tuesday, Elder Hartley left for Bluefields and so the area was all ours.  We had a pretty successful day contacting, and put a couple of fechas (baptismal dates). It has been pretty much reopening an area here so we are taking all we can get.

The same with Wednesday, but it was more successful because the two people we put fechas with ended up going to church on Sunday, that was awesome and a blessing.

On Thursday we were able to do a couple visits with the Branch President here.  Every Thursday we do visits with the Elders Quorum which is something that I really like.  We are able to get the members involved in the work a little more, and the members are able to have a couple more friends.  We went with a family that we are teaching and were able to explain 2 Nefi 31.  At first we were just teaching the couple.  The wife is a little dura (hard), she doesn’t really accept us a ton, but the husband is really progressing.  Anyway we were watching the Restoration with the husband one night, and his mom came in and watched it with us.  She was really interesting and we invited her to pray.  Two days later we passed by, and she told us that she had a dream of her walking into the church, and that she wanted to go with us on Sunday.  She ended up going last week and also came this week, we rolled up in the back of their truck which was funny.  The Branch President is pleased with our work which is good.

On Friday I had to get up early to go out to Boaco to do district meeting.  In addition to being Zone Leaders, me and Elder Hartley are also district leaders in Boaco.  There are just 4 hermanas (sisters) there, and no Elders and it is pretty isolated.  It is like an hour and a half bus ride out there, and it is a really cool city.  I wouldn’t mind being there.  It is up in the mountains and is a little colder.  I will attach some photos.  Anyway I worked there for the day, did some interviews and helped them out. 

Saturday we had another unexpected trip to Managua, and then Sunday we had church, and I did some interviews too.  Things are going well, and I hope all of you have a great week!  Pray for the zone so we can get to the 30 baptisms we need.  Thanks!  Love you all!

Elder Hanson


Me and my comp by the park in Juigalpa

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