Monday, August 10, 2015

Juigalpa... I'm Back!!!

 Bautizo (how the nicas say bautismo);)

Familia y Amigos,

First of all, I want to wish my mom a Happy Birthday, Love you lots and thanks for all you do!!!

Well, after thinking that I wasn’t going to have changes, I ended up having changes. I got the call on Tuesday that said that I would be having changes and training, so I said by to everyone in Trinidad (not too many people) and then packed up to go.

Wednesday was changes, and they have changed it up a lot.  The meeting is super short if you aren’t training, but I found out that I would be coming back to Juigalpa after a long 1 change outside of it.  I am now companions with Elder Hartley, who is from Idaho and was trained by Elder Collado too, Elder Salazar, who I am training and is from Costa Rica, and Elder Vasquez, who is from Guatemala.  Elder Hartley has one more change than me in the mission and we are the Zone Leaders together here.  It is a similar situation like my training, where there are 2 zone leaders who are each training an Elder.  The rest of Wednesday I had a training meeting, which was until like 1, and then we took the 4 hour bus back to Juigalpa.  Yay for being far away!  We contacted the rest of the day.

On Thursday we just contacted more.  I kind of have to learn the area by myself, and we lose a lot of time in the area because we are constantly doing divisions.  We still have to complete norms (goals) for 2 companionships, which is super hard and isn’t really going to happen.  Which means 12 in church, a la grande (oh my goodness).  We didn’t have a ton of success, but we’re working hard!

On Friday I went to the District meeting here, it was all right.  The zone isn’t doing the hottest right now, but we are trying to lift it up.  Our goal for the zone this month is 40 baptisms, so we will see what we can do.

On Saturday I had a baptism, a 9 year old son of a Menos Activo (less active) family.  They didn’t really want to support him in the baptism but we got the mom to come to the service, hopefully she starts coming back to church.  He is super funny, they do piano lessons here every day at the church, so he is learning and loves it.

On Sunday we went around for the investigators.  Things went mas o menos (more or less) there but as a zone we completed the norm (goal), for the first time in 2 months!! That was definitely a miracle.  We will be looking for new people to teach this week, and working in the zone.

That’s about it, I love you guys a ton.  Thanks for all of your prayers, you are all in mine.  

Have a great week!

Elder Hanson

Me and my new comp

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