Monday, July 27, 2015

Normal Week in Trinidad!

Bus selfie going to the office

Familia y amigos,

Que nota??  I hope all is going well, things are going good here in Ciudad Sandino, but not much has really happened.  Elder Salmeron and I have been working hard, trying to find some new people that will actually progress.  This month of August here is going to be a big one for the mission, so we are trying to find people so we can put in our part.

News on the Mission, things are going really well this year.  We have a goal as the mission for 2000 baptisms this year, and as of June we had 1099.  In May the mission had 275 baptisms, which was the most ever in the time of President Russell.  The mission is still pretty young so we are looking forward to more success here in the next months.

On Monday we finished P day doing a couple of baptismal interviews in another area.  That went well, one of them ended up lying to me which caused some problems later in the week, he didn’t end up getting baptized.

On Tuesday we worked in the area, tried to find some new people.  Cool story, 2 Thursdays ago we couldn’t really find anyone to teach.  In the morning I had prayed and asked that we could find a family of 4 to teach.  It was a rough day, things weren’t really working out, but we knocked this door and this guy answered.  He told us he was busy (which here in Nicaragua means that they don’t want anything) but he told us he wanted us to come back to his house on Saturday.  We went back on Saturday, put a fecha (baptismal date) with him.  So on Tuesday we had a lesson with him, and turns out he has a wife and 2 kids.  Prayer answered.  We put a fecha with the wife, and we haven’t been able to talk to the daughters.  He came to church this last Sunday but we are working with them so they can all come.

Wednesday I did divisions with another area in my district.  We found a cool family, put a fecha with them and they ended up coming on Sunday to church.  The area is kind of slacking, but they were the only ones this Sunday to complete with the 6 in church so that was good to see.

On Thursday it was a normal day of work.  We found this lady who has raised 23 grandchildren because her children just dump them on her.  She is in a really tough situation, can’t read but prayed and asked if Joseph Smith was a prophet.  She really wants to go to church, and sadly she couldn’t go on Sunday.

On Friday we had district meeting, that turned out fine.  I gave someone else the class so it was more chill.  We didn’t have a baptism on Saturday, and the turn out on Sunday wasn’t so hot.

Today we went to the office to buy some scriptures and to see if there was any mail, no luck. :(

This week will be a week of finding, might have a baptism but probably not.  Thanks for everything you all do, and everyone who has already wished me a happy birthday. 

Love you all!

Elder Hanson

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