Monday, April 20, 2015

Roney's back, snowmen in Bluefields too

Familia y Amigos,

Well, sorry to bore you again, but this email probably won’t be that great either.  Nothing really happened this week in Bluefields and it has been a long week of just contacting and trying to find people to teach and baptize.  We have been doing a little more street contacting as we have found that house contacting hasn’t been that efficient.

So Elder Roney (my old companion) is Zone Leader here in the zone that I am in, its called Zona Juigalpa, so the Zone Leaders are supposed to come every month.  They haven’t come since January so they decided to finally come to see how things were going.  I got to work with Elder Roney and spend a little time with him, which was weird being with my old companion in the same area.  It feels like just yesterday we were together for the first time!

Elder Passey and I have just been working hard trying to find people.  We got a couple of references from some members which were cool, and we will see if they actually end up progressing or not.  This month of April hasn’t been that great in the whole mission, and a lot of people are focusing more on May because it is a month with 5 weeks to baptize.  The 5 week months get a little crazy, and the attitude is just to get everyone to the water.  The last 5 week month was in March and I think the mission as a whole, like 160 missionaries or so baptized a total of 243 people or something like that.  We are trying to break that in May.

On Friday I did divisions with Elder Rodriguez and got to meet a couple of the people that they have there in their area which was cool.  I probably will get to know all of Bluefields before I leave here which will be awesome, knowing more than just my half.

This week we have 2 baptisms that should go down so that will be nice to have a couple people to baptize here.

I heard that it snowed in Utah, so we made some snowballs and snowmen, I hope you all enjoy them!  Have a great week and I love you and miss you all a lot!

Elder Hanson

P.S. - This guy from the US came and is investigating the canal that they are soon to build here in Nicaragua, so he took some pictures of us all.

Snowmen in Bluefields!
Snowball fight!!
Good to see Elder Roney again
Just chillin' in the hammock
I sure miss this boy!!

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