Monday, April 13, 2015

Puro Bluefields

Here is a picture of my district

Familia y amigos,

Well, I’m just going to tell you now, this email probably isn’t going to be too long because not much really happened this week.  The weather is still super hot here, and we have been sweating a ton.  I don’t really know if I have been losing or gaining weight because the members give us a TON of rice, I never knew so much rice could exist.

Anyway this week was a week of finding people.  We didn’t really have a ton of people to teach so it was a lot of contacting in the street and trying to get into houses.  It wasn’t the most successful week though, we put a couple of fechas (baptismal dates) but they weren’t very positive people.  I want Elder Passey´s training to be a positive experience of baptizing while he´s in his training, like my experience was, but who knows if it will happen.

We have a couple people progressing for baptism, like 4 or 5.  They are preparing for the last week this month and the first week of May.  After a long week of trying to find people and committing them to church, we didn’t really have a ton of fijo (committed) investigators who were going to come.  Sunday mornings are the worst, because all of the pressure of the whole week is on your head, to decide if it was a week of success or not.  As we went to each of the houses of the people we had committed, nobody was ready, not home or just hiding from us.  We went to church with 4 people, which is alright, but the Lord blessed us with another 5 when we got there, with 2 of them that are ready for baptism.  We went and put fechas (baptismal dates) with them for the end of this month.

I know that as I work hard here in the mission, that the Lord is going to bless us.  We have been trying to be obedient and I know the Lord blessed us because we are working hard and making sacrifices for Him.

Other than that not really anything happened.  We aren’t going to have a baptism this week, but should have one on the 25th.  It will be another week of finding, so keep us in your prayers that we can find some people! 

I love you all and will talk to you next week,

Elder Hanson

One of our converts here

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