Monday, March 30, 2015

Change Coming to an End, Semana Santa Begins

A cool sign we found written in Creole

Familia y amigos,

Whats up?  How is everyone doing this week?  This week was a little bit of a harder one here in Bluefields, the heat picked up a little and a lot of our baptisms fell through, but we are doing well here!  I got a lot of cool pictures this week so I'm sure my mom will be happy.

This change has definitely flown by.  This Wednesday is cambios (transfers/changes), and there are a lot of rumors floating around.  We´ll see what ends up happening here in Bluefields and in the mission.  Chances are that I stay here in Bluefields because it is like a 6 month sentence out here, so we will see what goes down!

Anyway this week we were preparing a couple people for baptism.  They were all super stoked all week getting ready, and we thought for sure we had them in the bag.  But a lot of stuff went down.  On Saturday we made a couple of mistakes regarding the baptismal services, when people were going to get baptized, and making sure they were actually ready, so a couple of them fell.  We ended up having one baptism here in our area, and let me tell you it was one of the worst baptismal services ever.  

We were kind of rushing around, a little discouraged because all of the baptisms fell like 20 minutes before they were supposed to go down.  We showed up late, and everything was going wrong.  The ward assigned an 81 year old man to baptize (because we aren´t supposed to baptize) and let me tell you, it was a disaster.  This member is super awesome and a great guy, who speaks english and is always at the church 2 hours early on Sundays to open it up.  I asked him if he knew the prayer right before he got in the water, and he told me it.  He went in and completely forgot it. Hahaha, we had to write it out, and he could barely read it.  It was making me laugh, my companion was laughing and even the old man was laughing.  It kind of took off a little bit of the stress.  He finally got the prayer right, and our investigator went all the way under the first time, so at least he didn't have to do that over again.

On Sunday, pretty much all of our investigators were gone so we didn't have a ton to go to church.  We passed by for all of the remaining people we had and nobody was home.  We went to the last house that we had people committed to go to church, and there were like 10 people all ready to go.  We ended up having 14, and the Lord really blessed us.  Like it says in that same talk "Trust in the Lord" by Elder Scott, when the Lord closes up a door, he opens others of the same size and importance in our lives.

Semana Santa is this week, and a lot of people are leaving to go on vacation, mostly to Corn Island.  You all should go look up Corn Island, it is really beautiful and I will definitely be going there some day.  I hope all of you have a super great week, and I will let you know what happens with cambios next week!

Love you all,

Elder Hanson

Our baptism this week.
A recent convert here in the area.
We teach this member a lesson every once in a while.
The heat is starting to pick up here and it makes for a super sweaty face.

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