Monday, March 16, 2015

Papeles de Soleteria, Baptism, and We're Going Back to Managua :(

Familia y amigos,

Naki sma?  That’s a little miskito for you, it just means "how are you doing?."  I hope everyone has had a great week this week, a couple of cool things happened to us and everything is going well!

On Tuesday we went over to Ayoleth’s house to see how she was doing.  It has been really hard to teach her because we literally have taught her everything.  It is to the point that when we go we just read a chapter from the Book of Mormon because there is nothing else to go over.  She is halfway through 2 Nefi which is super cool.  Anyway we went over there and she told us that she had good news!  She told us that her husband’s papel de solteria had come in and she gave it to us.  The paper says that he is single, which means he can get married!  It is a huge blessing because all of the rules of marriage change here in Nicaragua next month.  We would have had to get a lot more papers and everything, but the lord gave us a miracle.  She is going to get baptized this next Saturday.

We had a baptism of a little brother of a menos activo (less active member).  He was the last one in the family to get baptized, and we’ve been trying to work with them to get them to church.  It was a miracle too that he got baptized.  Two months ago the older sister ran the missionaries out of the house because she didn’t want him to get baptized.  A member came and visited the house with us, and we were unaware that she had ran the missionaries out.  She lied to us at first and told us the kid was baptized, but she ended up telling us the truth.  Anyway, long story short, we were kind of preparing the kid in secret because she was never there, but ended up giving permiso (permission) so that he could be baptized.

We found a super awesome family who is preparing to be baptized on March 28th now.  They love the church and have been doing really well.  They are progressing really quickly and are super kind and loving.  It is a family of 4, and with the 4 baptisms we will have scheduled for this Saturday, we are hoping to end the month with about 10 baptisms.

This Thursday we have a multi-mission conference with Bishop Dean M. Davies.  It will be a combined meeting with all the missionaries from the Nicaragua Managua South and the Nicaragua Managua North missions.  That means there will be like 400 missionaries here in one capilla (chapel) in Managua and the capilla is actually in the North mission.  This means we will be traveling again.  We got lucky this time and we will be going by plane (finally) so it shouldn’t be too bad of a trip.  This time we will only be gone from our area for about a day instead of 2-3 days, which is good because we have so much going on. 

We have been super blessed this past cambio (change/transfer) and I know it is because of our hard work and diligence here in the area.  I hope all of you have a great week. I love you all!

Elder Hanson

fotos: bautismo...and we’ve been having a little problem with mice so we have been hunting them down and getting rid of them.

Elder Collado got his package!

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