Monday, February 2, 2015

Good Eats....

 Familia y Amigos!

Whats going on in the 801?  How is everyone doing?  I’ve enjoyed all of your emails recently so keep them coming!  Anyway this week was a pretty good week, kind of hard, but we’re out here still trying to find new people and everything.  It is already week 5 of the cambio (transfer) which is super crazy because it feels like I just got here yesterday, but all is well!

Anyway, a lot of stuff happened with our baptisms this week.  We had a guy named Jason that was supposed to get baptized, and we were stopping by to visit him.  He wasn’t really reading the Book of Mormon and we were leaving him tiny assignments, for example Moroni’s promise, 3 verses.  Last Sunday he said he was going to take things serious and he was going to read and pray about the book.  We went by on Tuesday night and he told us he had an answer, he was super excited and so were we.  He then proceeded to start to show us verses in the Bible that he had found, to tell us that the Book of Mormon wasn’t true, when he obviously hadn’t even read it.  He had received false revelation because he hardened his heart, was too obsessed with his bible (it was a simplified version that was translated horribly) and didn’t want to listen.  So he didn’t really have any desire to get baptized because he wasn’t ready and closed up his mind to what we were saying.  It was a bad situation and unfortunately we had to stop teaching him.

We are teaching another guy named Elmer who was supposed to get baptized this Saturday, but he didn’t go to church yesterday.  We passed by early in the morning to get him to go, and he told us he was getting ready.  We went and reminded a couple more people, and when we came back his family told us that he went to work.  We have an appoinment with him tonight so we´ll see what happened.

Ok so I have a cool experience from this week.  Ayoleth´s partner got back from fishing out at sea this week and he caught a ton of green turtles coming back in.  So on Tuesday he showed us all the turtles, I’ll send pictures and everything.  It was super awesome.  He told us that some of the Turtles were over 80 years old.  The people here in Bluefields love the meat, so they catch the turtles and sell the meat.  It’s probably super illegal but they’re Nicaraguenses and they don’t care. They asked us if we had ever eaten turtle before and if we wanted to eat turtle and, of course I said yes because its like a once in a lifetime experience.

So on Wednesday they invited us over to eat.  They eat like every part of the turtle, so I had some of the meat, the lung, kidney, liver, skin, and even the throat.  It was super cool!  It didn’t taste bad at all, it was actually pretty good, just the texture of some of the parts was weird.  Some parts, like the throat, were really chewy.  But that’s my crazy story for the week.  

...and after!

This week I have a multizona (multi zone conference) so I will let you all know how that goes.  The Area Seventy President, President Duncan, will be coming to speak.  The conference is in Managua so it will be a long trip for us.  We will leave here on Wednesday and will travel to Juigalpa.  Then on Thursday we will leave Juigalpa at like 4 in the morning to go to Managua.  Then we’ll go back to Juigalpa after the multizona and leave at 3 am to go to Bluefields again.  It’ll be a long trip but worth it!

I hope you all have a great week and I will talk to you next week!  

Love you all,

Elder Hanson

Calala (passion fruit) that I had this week.

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