Monday, January 26, 2015

Buzzer Beater Baps

Elder Roney, Teresa, Alfredo, and Me

Familia y Amigos!

Qué tal?  Things are going super well out here in Bluefields, it’s been really hot and humid this week so I’ve been sweating a ton, but I guess that’s just Nicaragua for ya!  I think I’ve lost perspective of what the heat is like in Utah because this is a completely different type of heat, but it is all going well!

Anyway this week was pretty crazy.  A lot of stuff went down, all for a crazy ending and that’s why the title is Buzzer Beater Baps, but I'll let you know what happened.

So we had this family to baptize this week and they were super positive.  They went to church, were keeping commitments, and had testimonies and everything.  So we moved up their fecha (baptismal date) for this week.  They were super excited and everything.  On Tuesday we were going to teach them and we saw the guy, Alfredo, walking in the street.  He told us he was going to the hospital and would be back.  He didn’t come back to his house until late and he told us that he was going to have to go to Managua for a surgery on his liver, but he didn’t know when.  He told us he was going back to the hospital the next day to find out.  Since it’s socialist health care system here, the government just tells you when you will have your surgery.  Of course Satan has a little influence there, so we knew he was going to be gone for the weekend.  Sure enough, he found out he was going to leave the next day and be gone for 15 days.  He ended up leaving the next day, but forgot a paper in Rama (city on the way to Managua), and after the panga (boat) ride, he had to come back.  

So he got back, had to go to the hospital again, and they told him he would be going to Managua by plane the next day (Saturday).  We just kind of turned it over to the Lord at this point, praying that he would be okay and could return to get baptized.  His wife didn’t go with him so on Saturday night so we went by to see how she was.  And Alfredo was still there!  Long story short, we got everything arranged and got them married and baptized before 9 o’clock church on Sunday morning and then they were confirmed at church.  A miracle!  It was super exhausting and we had to get up at 4:50 am to get everything ready for the baptism and then worked all day until 9:00 pm.  So we’re pretty dead today.

That’s all that really went down this week, not too much but we were glad to get them baptized.  We are working to find people to teach and we’ve found a couple of receptive people but the majority are just alright. 

Mom, since you asked, they have a piano here and I play it all the time.  In fact, I’m already getting sick of playing it!

Bluefields is different from other parts of Nicaragua that I’ve seen, it’s a Caribbean city and completely different.  It’s super great here and I pretty much know the area now.  It has started raining a little bit more but you can’t really predict the weather.  Because it’s a coastal town sometimes it just starts dumping.  Also, my house is all good!  There are quite a few bugs though.  When we turn on our lights at night, sometimes these little bugs come in that bite super hard.  It stinks but we’ve found that my bug spray with deet kills them.  Elder Roney has a mosquito net over the beds but when he leaves I will pull out mine. 

We have a stove (no oven) and I got some Krusteaz pancake mix and have been eating some pancakes!  Super delicious!!

I hope everyone has had a great week and I will talk to you all soon!

Always remember the power of prayer, it really works!  Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Hanson

The view from one of our investigator's house. You can see the airport and the uninhabited jungle!
Photos of the area
Photos of the area

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