Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, Zone Conference, and Good Eats

Happy New Year!!

Familia y amigos!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all enjoyed the activities and counting down for the new year.  We didn't really do much here.  Had a sparkler that the Hermanas gave us, and then watched some fireworks that people were lighting off here.  It wasn't too bad, and it was a good time to just hang out with the companions. There is a cool tradition here, everyone makes big dolls, stuffed with newspaper and at midnight they burn them.  The doll represents the old year, and the start of a new one. I hit the 4 month mark here, and time is seriously flying by!

Crazy to think that it is 2015!  This year will be the 1 year of my life that is completely missionary work, so I'm going to take advantage of it! I know that I will be blessed for this time I have as a missionary.

Nothing really happened this week.  All of the streets were super empty, because nobody was really home. It was practically dead here, but we had to work!  The majority of our investigators weren't home, so we just tried to find new people.  Other than that, nothing really eventful happened the 31st and the 1st.

On Friday we had Reunion de Zona (Zone Conference).  It was great.  Nice to see all of the people from our whole zone. I know pretty much everyone because sometimes I have to go out with the ZLs and it was great to see everyone.  Elder Sacalxot and Elder Hernandez talked about finding the needs of our investigators and commitments, two huge parts of misisonary work. We hung out after for a few minutes and took a picture that I´ll send.  Our zone ended up finishing in 1st place here in the mission, which is super awesome.  This has never happened in the time of President Russell, so we're all super stoked.  Its going to be a huge surprise on Wednesday at reunion de cambios (transfers).  That is when the whole mission will find out that we came in first place.  Jinotepe is usually towards the bottom numbers wise.

On Sunday we ate at one of our convert's houses.  I gained a ton of respect and was humbled by their situation.  They don't really have a ton, but offered to feed us, so we accepted.  Anyway we were eating and they brought out this meat, and we asked what it was.  He told us he didn't know, maybe lamb or something.  So we had to eat it, and it tasted a little weird, but nothing new for Nicaragua!  Anyway, after we ate he told us what it was, and turns out it was snake.  Super crazy but I can say I've eaten snake!

Anyway this Wednesday we have cambios (transfers). I'll find out tomorrow if I have them or not, and I'll let you guys know where I am next Monday!  I'm super stoked to get to work in my own area without trainers!  I hope everyone has a super great week, and I'll talk to you all soon!

Elder Hanson

The Elders in my district. Elder Miculax, me, Elder Sacalxot,
Elder Hernandez, Elder Sheffler, Elder Trinidad
The Jinotepe Zone, #1 zone in the mission!

Elder Miculax, Elder Sacalxot, Elder Hernandez, and me in front of our chapel

Relaxing on P Day

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