Monday, January 19, 2015

Bluefields Week 2

Familia y Amigos!

What’s up?  I hope all of you are doing well. This week was pretty uneventful so this is going to be short.  We’ve been working hard here just trying to find some new people to teach, along with teaching the investigators we have right now!  We have a super positive family right now that I’ll tell you about.

Their names are Alfredo and Teresa and they are super awesome! He works as a guard at night for a little carpenter shop down the road from his house.  He’s old and super short, but he has the biggest desire to learn.  We go and teach and they always put a smile on our face. The best part is that they are willing to make sacrifices.  He works from like 5 at night to 7 in the morning but always comes to church, no matter how tired he is.  This week they told us they were going to walk to church and that they would be waiting at the church doors for us before we got there.  Anyways, so we were rounding up people to bring to church and kind of forgot about what they told us.  But sure enough when we got to the church there they were.  They have the biggest desire to be baptized, so we are helping them get married and preparing them to be baptized this Saturday. Today we are going to go look for a lawyer to marry them.  It is going to cost a lot but there’s really nothing else we can do! I’m so excited to see them in white for their baptism!

We have another investigator named Ayoleth who is super positive too.  We teach her in English.  She wants to get baptized, but her partner is married to someone else in Costa Rica and they need to get divorced before Ayoleth can get married to him, so its a tricky situation.  We’re working to get everything sorted out there.

Other than that were just looking to find new people!  One of my companions went home, so it’s just Elder Roney and me here in our area in Bluefields.  I’m loving the area and all of the super cool members here. Our house is pretty cool.  We live really close to the water, just a couple of houses away.  The water smells like fish, kind of stinks, and is super dirty.  Since we are so close to the water we also have crabs crawling out of the drains in our house.

Every mission has a different aspect that humbles you.  The way the people live here is definitely humbling for me.  The houses are always super small with dirt floors and tin roofs.  And the people have nothing.  They go to work, work for their salary, and then pretty much spend it the next day.  There is no savings account or saving up to buy things.  The babies run around naked and the clothing is always dirty.  One lady asked us how the mothers take care of the babies in the US, and we told her that the babies are always in the mother’s arms.  She was shocked because there is very little care for the people here.

This email was super short but it’s all I really got.  This week I wanted to share a spiritual thought, I was reading in the February 2014 Liahona, in an article called ¨Living a life of peace, joy, and purpose¨ by Richard G. Scott.  He talks about 10 things we can do to have better lives.  I loved it a ton and think you will too. I hope all of you have a great week, and I love you all!

Elder Hanson

Sorry, no pictures this week! :(

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