Monday, May 23, 2016

We can do it!!!

Familia y Amigos,

Well, this is the last week of the month and things are super crazy, we can hit 300!! and we can also break 40 in the zone. Things went pretty well this week, and nothing was too exciting but ill let you know what happened.

On Tuesday we just worked in the area, we didn’t have a lot of time to work last week so we were just trying to find some new people to teach, bring to church and to baptize.  We were knocking some houses and we found this super receptive lady who lives with her 5 kids, 3 of them are over 8.  She accepted a fecha well, committed to go to church and read the folletto we left.  So throughout the week we were able to meet her kids, put fechas with them and they read the folletto and went to church as well!  I love when people complete with their commitments!

Wednesday was just contacting in the area.  On Thursday we had consejo to see how the mission was doing, and how things are looking for the rest of the month.  It all went great because our zone is doing alright.  After we took some pics, always fun seeing the other ZLs. After consejo I went out with Elder Alcerro, one of the APs to get to know the possibilities in the zone.  We interviewed a family, and it was a good time.  We also had to go into the middle of nowhere down another canyon and it was quite the adventure hahah.

On Friday we had Zone Conference, one of the things that Sister Russell talked about in consejo was patience, so we talked a little with the zone about patience.  I liked one of the things she said, that patience is not just sitting around and waiting for things to happen, but it is working calmly through every situation and doing all we can.  Patience is an awesome attribute that I have definitely developed more here on the mission.

On Saturday we just got everyone committed to church, tried to find a couple new people and actually got a cool reference from one of the investigators we had.  He went to church as well.

Sunday morning we had a baptism that went smoothly and then got some investigators in church. After church Elder Merrill and I went and started the baptismal interviews.  We should have about 20 baptisms this week in the zone, and we were able to get 10 interviews done.  We are looking forward to this last weekend and we are praying all goes well!

Cool story to end my boring email this week, I have been talking to one of my converts from Bluefields, who got engaged to the missionary he was waiting for, and he says they’re going to the temple next month! :) I am stoked.

I hope that everyone has a great week, love you all!!

Elder Hanson

 The baptism

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