Monday, April 25, 2016

This country is so hot

Familia y Amigos,

How are you all doing?  Like I said last week I had changes, so Tuesday we went down to change meeting.  I was pretty convinced that I was going somewhere in Managua, and turns out that my companion is Elder Merrill! We were already companions for one change in Juigalpa but I am stoked to be back with him. We had joked about it a little but it was something that didn’t seem like it was going to happen. I am also here with Elder Martell and Elder Hall.  The name of my area is Altagracia I, in la Zona Universitaria. The zone is doing really well right now so that is awesome too.

But let me tell you this place is SO hot... Coming from San Marcos to here was a big change.  At like 9 oclock at night I sweat more than I have ever sweat playing in any lacrosse game. It is unreal.  I sweat just doing the simple motion of brushing my teeth.  Wow. The rain storms supposedly start this week so we will see how things go :)

This week was pretty good, me and Elder Martell have just been looking for some people, Elder Heileson left some good investigators so we are working with them and helping them for this month of May.

On Friday Elder Merrill and I went and visited some possibilities in Monte Fresco, one of the areas in my zone. Monte Fresco actually is on the road to San Marcos so that is cool, but we had to go down in this canyon a couple times and it was super exhausting. We got home super tired and just fell asleep.

Saturday we were able to have 2 baptisms that I walked in on.  2 people I had prepared in San Marcos also got baptized so that was awesome to hear. The rest of the zone also got everyone baptized and the zone ended really well this month.  I didn’t really have anything to do with the success but it is still cool to see the progress they had.

Sunday was church, got to work in the afternoon with some future missionaries, and got to know some of the members so that was great.  I am loving it here in this area and know that we will be able to have success in May. Thanks for all of your prayers, love you all!

Also, thanks to Gran and Papi for the package!!

Elder Hanson
An awesome fam in San Marcos

Home sweet home

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