Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good Times at the Temple!!!

Mexico City Temple
Hola Familia y Amigos!!

Como Están??  Things are going alright here, I've had a decent week!  The weeks are starting to fly by here.  Since my p day is on a Thursday, the weekend is a blur.  Its crazy how the days can go by so slow, but you look back on it and it seems like no time at all.  My hump day here at the CCM is coming up this next wednesday, who would have thought it would be this soon.  I'm sure time is going by super slow for all of you people at home waiting for me, but im having a good time.

Sad news, all of my latino amigos left on monday.  I got like no sleep.  I hung out with them and just talked and chilled.  I got all of their emails so hopefully I will be talking to them soon.  They all came in and woke me up at 2 in the morning, and i couldnt fall back asleep.  It was terrible.  Anyway we didnt get anyone new in casa 42.  Its kind of nice because we have 2 extra showers and bathrooms to use so its a lot less crowded.  Its definitely a luxury, if they even have those in the CCM.  

The food absolutely stinks here.  My first week it was decent, but I've gotten so sick of what they serve, and cereal and nutella just dont cut it anymore.  Plus, half of the time the milk is sour so you just have to push through and hope the fruitiness of the froot loops covers the nastiness.  Nothing really sounds good anymore so hopefully I don't starve in the CCM, i havent even made it to NIcaragua.

I have a couple highlights from this week, I'll start with Monday, Tuesday and then today. As many of you probably don't know Monday was independence day in Mexico.  We got super lucky here at the CCM and got to have Mexican night.  They put on a huge show of Mexican dancers in the huge dresses, and we all got to watch and have a good time.  I know my mom would have absolutely loved it, but unfortunately I forgot my dumb camera in my room.  I think Elder Sperry has some pictures so I'll try to get them and send them to you!

On Tuesday there was a live missionary devotional that Elder Richard G. Scott gave.  It was freaking awesome.  He talked about prayer, how we can recieve answers to prayers, and how the Holy Ghost speaks to us personally and individually.  I think its on the website and you can just search MTC devotionals and it'll be the one on September 16, 2014.  It was great and I learned a lot.

Today, I had the opportunity to go to the Temple here in Mexico City.  It was beautiful.  Unfortunately the temple is closed for rennovations, so we werent able to do a session or anything, but we had a tour of the visitors center with the Hermanas who were serving missions there.  I understood every word they said so my Spanish is coming along pretty well too.  I'll include some pictures from my trip there, but I also got some pictures of the city that you guys might enjoy (especially Brother Featherstone, maybe he'll relive a little of his mission through the pictures).  It was an awesome experience, and some of the districts in our zone were a little mad because its only our 2nd week and they havent had the opportunity to go yet.

My "investigators" here are doing pretty well.  All of the lessons are in Spanish which is kind of hard but I'm getting better every day.  I challenged one of them to baptism and he said yes, havent had time to challenge the other guy yet because we havent had a lesson.  My teachers are super awesome, Hno. Palma who is super short, and Hno. Hernandez who always has the best stories from his mission.  Just makes me more excited to get out to Nicaragua.

Some guy with the name Romney Hansen emailed me today and said he got some emails from skid, a young money and Isaiah and he hasnt forwarded them to me yet.  I promise I'm not ignoring them!! Just for future reference my email is with an On not an En at the end! thanks!

I'm having a rough time with my companion here because he might go home so everyone pray for him, he needs it.  Other than this and the food I am hanging in here and having a fun time.  Nothing like a good game of cage soccer to brighten my day.  Hope everyone is doing well at home, please write! Even if I don't have time to reply it's always good to see how everyone is doing!

Love you guys,

Elder Hanson

¡Adíos amigos!

¡Hasta luego amigos!

Life in the CCM
Ciudad de Mexico

Ciudad de Mexico

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