Monday, July 11, 2016

Meet the Browns

With a cool member family that gave us lunch yesterday.
Familia y Amigos,

How is it going?  It was another mas o menos week here, some cool stuff happened though so that was fun!

We were going to have a baptism but he ended up falling.  He was telling us how he didnt feel ready, he wasnt sure, he told us that when he prayed he felt good and everything but we dug down a little deeper and he doesnt really have a testimony of the Book of Mormon so we will be working on that with him.  He and his friend also decided to look up stuff on internet, thats always fun.

The week started out normal, we just started looking for some new investigators because the majority of ours fell and or didnt want to progress.  We didnt have a ton of luck, but we found a couple people yesterday after church so we are hoping we can get things rolling. 

On Friday we had a multizona to get to know the new mission president.  Sister Brown talked about the importance of following the spirit.  It was a great talk.  And then President Brown gave a good talk too.  He talked about how in his 8 months of preparation he prayed to know what to do with the mission.  He shared a scripture in Johnd 5:30 that talks about how we need to do the will of the father. He said that in the preparation, he felt that God wanted 2 things from the mission and the missionaries.  First thing, that Nicaragua needs a temple so we need to do everything we can to get it, and we need to establish the church here not just baptize a ton of people and have them go inactive the next month.  Second, he said that we need missionaries with more spiritual power. The 2 things he talked about are exactly what we need, so it was awesome to see how he has the revelation to direct and guide the mission, and the Lord has a plan for us here. We should always be asking if we are doing the fathers will, and what we can do to improve! Each of their kids gave a talk and after it was crazy to see all the kids running around.  Forgot what that was like haha.

Miracle of the week, there is this girl who is the sister of a recent convert here in the area.  Her sister got baptized a year ago and she didnt really want anything to do with the church.  Sometimes she would go with her sister but would always say that she wasnt getting baptized, etc.  Anyway at the beginning of the month we decided that we were going to teach her because all the missionaries in the past probably just came and talked about baptism, baptism, and baptism, because she had been to church a million times but never really been taught. So we decided to teach her and she was looking a little more positive, but she still was saying that she didnt want to.  Anyway when we showed up to teach her on Saturday she said "Elderes, tengo una noticia. Me voy a bautizar el proximo sabado!" (Elders, I have an announcement.  I'm going to get baptized next Saturday!)  It had been a rough day up to that point so we were stoked.  Anyway she passed her baptismal interview and all is good for this Saturday!

Sunday was an alright day, church was good, not too many people came.  This week we are trying to find some new families to teach so we can get some more people out to church.  Everything is going well and I love you all!

This week is changes, I am most likely staying here to finish up Elder Petersons training!

Elder Hanson

We bought ping pong paddles so we could play on the table at the church!

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