Monday, July 18, 2016


Familia y Amigos,

How is it going, hope you all are doing great.  This week was cambios, so it was the usual routine, nothing changed at all really the way they did it with the new mission President.  Tuesday we got the call that Elder Hall would have changes (going home) and that Elder Chacón would also be training.  They took out one of my dls from the zone, and there weren’t too many changes.

Anyway Tuesday night the new missionaries came to our area to work, I was able to work with Elder Diaz from the Dominican Republic, that was cool and it was fun to see the energy the new missionaries all have!  We found a cool lady that accepted a fecha super fast.  We haven’t found her since, but were hoping we can!

Wednesday was changes, pretty much all of the leaders of the mission went home.  It was weird being in my last change meeting and saying bye to all those guys.  There is a new Elder in our area, he is Elder Rivera, from El Salvador.  Elder Chacón will be training him.  Funny story, they actually live like half a block away from each other in El Salvador, they are in the same ward.  That would be weird to be comps with someone from your ward haha.  They didn’t really know each other too well because Elder Chacón is a convert to the church so he was home like a year before he left, and he is also 6 years older than all of us.  Wednesday me and Elder Peterson had a super awesome day, we were able to put a couple fechas with families, and the people we found that day actually went to church.  It is always great to see the fruits of the work.

Thursday was normal, Friday we had a mini zone meeting to get to know everyone a little better. The zone wasn’t really what I was expecting it to be, and we lost some really good missionaries.  Oh well. The zone should have a decent month and we are getting ready also for August. 

Friday afternoon we also had a baptism.  It was crazy.  So the baptism was planned for 5 o’clock and we went at like 4:30 to fill up the font.  So as we were filling it up, it started to smell really bad. We decided to quickly clean it and there were some young men there to help us.  We got it all good and then we started filling it up. Still smelled like rotten fish and the water had like gross foam in it.  We had an idea to put some clorox in the water to see if it would take away the smell and so we got a bag from a pulperia (store) and it worked.  So by then it was like 5:30 and we decided we should probably go and see why the baptism hadn’t showed up yet, so we decided to walk the mile or more to her house.  Right when we were half a block there we got a call from Elder Chacón telling us that she was there.  We started walking back, got another call saying that the pila had drained and that Sister Brown and her daughter were there because the youth had invited her.  So we bought another bag of clorox and started the long walk back.  It all ended up great, so we were happy she was able to get baptized.  There is never an easy baptism here!

Sunday we had a good turn out at church, and things are looking good here for the end of this month and the beginning of the next. I am doing great and loving things, I hope you all have a great week!  

Love you,
Elder Hanson
Bye Elder Heileson
Me and my 3 sons that are in the mission

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